Long-lasting durability
Travel with confidence knowing that the Latitude E6530 is protected. From its Tri-metal™ Chassis to its enhanced hard drive isolation, the E6530 is a capable partner.

• Premium materials, including a Tri-metal™ Chassis, magnesium alloy wrapped corners, brushed aluminum and a powder-coated base all combine to create a strong laptop.
• Intense testing, including MIL-STD-810G testing, demonstrates that the E6530 is able to withstand the levels of vibrations and shock that it may encounter in its intended environment.
• For increased hard drive protection, a rubber isolator protects against vibration.
• If you should drop your Latitude, the Dell Fast-Response Free Fall Sensor helps to protect your hard drive.
• For even greater data protection, order a solid state hard drive option.

Long-lasting durability