How to deploy an agile virtual workspace with VDI

We’re in an unprecedented time in history. In the current climate, remote working has ramped up to new highs. Employees, communities and customers are kept safe by the implementation of remote strategies. Work happens anytime, anywhere and one of the solutions making that possible is VDI. It’s the fastest and most efficient way of accessing data, applications and devices from a distance. But how do you implement your own virtual desktop infrastructure? Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

The benefits of VDI

Why VDI should interest you? First and foremost, it’s a great way of streamlining IT resources and improving productivity. VDI is essentially an agile way of getting your remote workforce up and running; delivering applications right to your employees’ door. Even those who need powerful workstations or handle critical information. That way, you’re ensuring that critical workers are using the network-performance they require. Not to mention that it’s a smart way to meet infrastructure growth demands in the absence of onsite datacenter administrators.

Implementing VDI successfully, however, does require a few steps. You need a strategy. It might seem obvious, but determining the number of users, expected file capacity and how much time you want to spend fixing laptops or PCs – among other things – is essential to mapping your virtual workforce’s operation. And while it may not seem like it, those questions can take up a lot of unnecessary time.

How Dell Technologies can help

Luckily, we’re here to help. Whatever your requirements, the size of your workloads or VDI stack: with the help of our partners, we can ensure a quick and easy deployment of your virtual workforce. By consulting your organizations’ IT experts, we can build custom road maps designed just for you. It’s what we like to call your VDI Blueprint. Custom infrastructures are never ‘one shoe fits all’-situations, and VDI is no exception. To map your requirements, Dell Technologies can do a VDI Blueprint Fit Assessment, determining your organizations VDI-needs and translating that into a deployable plan.

After that, we are basically a one-stop-shop able to deliver fully integrated solutions that can help you build and support your remote workforce. It’s a way of working that has proved its efficiency time and time again. Not only is it easier for us to help out our customers, we can ensure a quick deployment of their VDI stack. In timespans as short as a day.

VxRail: your number one VDI-solution

One of the solutions enabling this faster deployment-time is VxRail. It’s the number one HCI appliance in the world, designed by VMware and us. Years ago, a significant amount of tooling was required and combined to eventually get a manageable VDI environment. With VxRail, those days are in the past. It’s a single, off-the-shelve solution that enables single support, covering the datacenter stack to end-user devices and everything in between. Not convinced? You can read all about its benefits here.

VDI on a limited budget

Of course, there are always budgetary concerns. And we get it. While technological advances are ramping up, IT-budgets are shrinking. And navigating within that return-on-investment sphere can be tricky. How do you know that the money that you put into this will ultimately be worth your while? Dell Technologies fortunately has a vast number of financial support systems designed for every type of business.

Say the crisis has impacted your business, but due to safety-regulations most of your workforce works from home. Maybe you’re not able to spare the additional costs, or maybe you need extra capacity, but your budget is being limited for essential expenses. Dell Technologies can get you a deferred payment plan up to 18 months, among other flexible consumption models. That way, you can activate a bundle of VDI now and pay in a year-and-a-half.

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