Dell Latitude – DIY

Dear Professional, every year we bring you the latest updates in the PC landscape, this year as well. However, this is an opportunity for the young creatives out there to reverse the roles and show us how it’s done. Check out the DIY videos here in NL and FR for the instructions on how to create your own basic laptop out of cardboard. But don’t let us stop you there! Show us what you would add, change or optimize in the design and share the end result on LinkedIn using the #Delldesigner.

The best design wins an AlienWare prize package and an official Dell Designer sweater! Submit your entry before April 10th.

Our product team already announced their new designs for this calendar year. To give you an overview of what is happening we are hosting a roadmap session on 20th of April where we’ll go over all of our recent updates and where we’ll also be announcing the winner of our design contest. Register in advance through the link here.

NL version:

FR version:

If you want more information, reach out via LinkedIn to Nele or Nicolas.

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