Dell Technologies: ‘In The SpotLight’, Pierre Henin and Tom Olislagers

In the ‘In the SpotLight’ series, Arnaud Bacros, Dell Technologies General Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg, talks with colleagues in the Belux organization. In this issue, Arnaud speaks with Pierre Henin, Country Manager Dell Technologies Luxembourg and Tom Olislagers, Head of Enterprise and Commercial Pre-Sales Del Technologies BeLux.

In Luxembourg, the more traditional datacenter transits rapidly to automated hyper-converged and software-defined solutions in order to adopt hybrid cloud. This way there is the option of running legacy applications, next to new ‘cloud native’ solutions. And it can be done on the same platform such as the Dell Technologies Hybrid Cloud platform.

Simplifying the entire environment by incorporating storage and networking in one single architecture, means time gains for users. By linking existing applications and as-a-service solutions in an innovative way, Dell Technologies also addresses another wish that exists in the market: paying according to usage.

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