Dell Technologies: ‘In The SpotLight’, Steve Boen and Thomas Lievens

In the ‘In the SpotLight’ series, Arnaud Bacros, Dell Technologies General Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg, talks with colleagues in his Belux organization. In this issue, Arnaud speaks with Steve Boen, Dell Technologies Talent Acquisition Advisor, and Thomas Lievens, Sales Manager Medium Business.

Onboarding talent is more than just finding the person with the right skills. Companies employ people across several generations, which need to be able to communicate, cooperate and mutually benefit from each other’s experience and talent.

It’s always been tough attracting the right talent, but the supply of potential employees with the correct skills is currently lower than companies’ need for talent.

Contrary to how it used to be, it is nowadays not enough to think only of the skills employees might need for a specific role. Therefore, the manager’s role is also changing, it goes from supporting, coaching and training to shaping diversity, for example, by ensuring the different generations connect with each other, so young and experienced talents shine.

For our people we create an employee ABCD: Achievement, Balance, Connection and Diversity.

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