Unboxing | Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525

This Unboxing is not about taking a new product out of its packaging, but about opening up the device itself. Sander Puttemans, presales engineer at Dell Technologies and Matthias Angelus, Datacenter sales engineer at Dell Technologies, open the Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 server and showcase the various innovations in the device.

“The most important news is that we are bringing AMD’s third-generation EPYC processors to our PowerEdge server portfolio”, says Sander. The PowerEdge R7525 is a highly scalable 2U dual socket rack server that offers high performance in a flexible configuration. The device is ideal for all flash software defined storage (SDS), virtual desktop infrastructure and data analytics workloads.

The innovation starts with the front of the server: a LCD Bezel makes it easier to recognise the server among a large number of other devices in the racks of a datacenter. “Behind that, we see the new airflow solution that puts the airflow exactly where it is needed for cooling”, Matthias explains. He then points to the PCIe 4 risers. “You can use those for GPUs, or Networking Interface Cards as desired.”

Of course, the AMD EPYC CPUs are not forgotten. “The best part of all”, Matthias says.

At the back of the device, we find the connection for the new Networking Standard OCP NIC 3.0.

Sander explains that Dell Technologies’ Autonomous Compute Infrastructure greatly simplifies management. “These intelligent systems work together, but also act independently. Dell Technologies is thus enabling digital transformation and productivity growth for customers within a short timeframe.”

Cyber security continues to be a major cause of sleepless nights for IT workers. That’s why Dell Technologies offers a special solution with the PowerEdge R7525: “the customer benefits from our Silicon Root of Trust: From factory to delivery, nothing bad can happen to the servers.”

Our innovation engine provides:

    • Adaptive compute
    • Autonomous Compute infrastructure
    • Proactive Resilience

Specs specific on the R7525

    • AMD EPYC, up to 64 cores per processor
    • OCP 3.0
    • BOSS 2.0
    • NVMe RAID
    • Air and direct liquid cooling with leak sense detection
    • Compatible with the latest generation of Nvidia’s GPU’s
    • vSAN ready node support
    • Ideal for software-defined storage, virtual desktop infrastructure and data analytic workloads
    • Adaptive compute
    • Simplified management
    • Security

About the Author: Dell Technologies