• APEX Console

    Total control over your cloud journey

    Ingebouwde innovatie van Intel
    • It all starts with the APEX Console. It’s never been easier to streamline your cloud and infrastructure services with an orchestration platform that gives you total control. It’s time to accelerate your business and make innovation happen.

    • How the APEX Console works

      The APEX Console is where your as-a-service journey begins. Choose and configure your cloud and infrastructure subscriptions to match your business needs. From the Console, monitor and optimize your services, assign role-based access for users and stakeholders, and get support when you need it.

    • The APEX Console experience

    • Discover APEX services

      Find the right technologies to meet your business requirements in the APEX catalog. Configure a subscription to meet your terms across compute and storage services, with new services added often.

    • Subscribe quickly and easily

      Within the APEX Console you choose service options to get the performance that best supports your desired outcomes. Then receive a quote and place an order in as few as 30 minutes*.

    • Deploy and Provision

      Once subscribed, we handle everything - from the initial setup to the deployment of hardware to your datacenter or colocation facility. Now you can quickly provide the resources to meet your business demands with ease.

    • Monitor Everything

      A key feature of the APEX Console is that it lets you easily track performance metrics to get a clear view of the health of your service. Robust reporting and analytics give you the visibility to scale your cloud and infrastructure capacity as and when you need it.

    • Know How to Optimize

      In the APEX Console you get complete transparency and real-time feedback for cloud and infrastructure expenses. Now you can closely align your IT costs to overall business spend for better capacity planning in the future.

    • Grow Right When You Need To

      Get the flexibility and speed your organization needs with the ability to add capacity from the APEX Console. Expand your storage capacity or add more compute instances quickly and easily on any active subscription.

    • Focus more on outcomes, less on infrastructure management

      APEX delivers cloud services for a range of data and workload requirements, enabling you to simplify transformation, adapt to evolving requirements, and stay in control of your data. APEX combines Dell Technologies innovation with Intel flexibility and performance.

    • APEX Cloud Services

      APEX Cloud Services simplify multi-cloud, giving you a consistent experience, with robust security, across your clouds for compute, data storage, and data protection.

    • APEX Custom Solutions

      Create your own on-demand environment with infrastructure and services you customize to order. Deploy a pay-per-use consumption model or an enterprise-scale managed utility.

    • APEX Use Cases

      The race to digitally transform is underway, and we're at the forefront of helping businesses reach the finish line. Access the right mix of technology to adapt at-speed and unleash exciting new use cases that power your intelligent enterprise.