Unboxing the Dell C-Series video conferencing monitor

Watch the video to get a first impression of the amazing C-series monitor!

Nicolas Lempereur, Field Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies, talks about a topic familiar to all of us: virtual collaboration. “In order to have the best experience, Dell Technologies developed an excellent Video Conferencing monitor.”

Whether you are in the office or in your office at home, we can all agree that virtual collaboration has become a commodity. But in order to have the best experience possible, you need the right equipment and that’s where Dell Technologies comes into play with their new C-series monitors!

“We need to take a couple things into account in order to get the best experience while having a virtual video conversation”, says Nicolas Field Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies:

    1. A stable internet connection
    2. An excellent camera
    3. Good audio

We have combined and assembled all these features in one perfect solution: the new collaboration series monitors, which come in multiple screen dimensions: 24”, 27” and 34” (curved).

Thanks to the RJ45 connection, you’ll be able to have a wired stable internet connection at all times in order to keep the conversation going uninterrupted. Nicolas says: “the video quality is excellent since the device features a 5-megapixel camera. It’s even compatible with the Windows Hello feature. Instead of typing a password to log into your system, the Hello feature just simply does a facial recognition and users are immediately logged in”. Last but not least, is the integrated soundbar which delivers excellent audio quality. This is equipped with integrated buttons which are designed to provide the most convenient use of the Microsoft Teams Application.

Interested to discover more? Watch the video to get the first impressions of the amazing C-series monitor!

About the Author: Nicolas Lempereur