Maximize system manageability and minimize complexity with Dell Client Command Suite

    • Dell Technologies provides a powerful solution that helps simplify and automate time-consuming management tasks, so IT teams can do more with less without sacrificing device integrity or end-user productivity.


      System management capabilities that save money, time and resources

      By automating and streamlining endpoint management, Dell Client Command Suite helps IT minimize tedious, time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Included with commercial client systems, Dell Client Command Suite allows you to do more with less so you can optimize time spent managing your fleet.

    • IT admin prepares to enable endpoint management for client.

      Driver Packages

      Find the right drivers for your Dell fleet with Dell Command Deploy.

      • Custom driver packs in an OS-consumable state
      • Supports MEMCM, SCCM and MDT
    • IT administrator from the endpoint management team.

      BIOS Management

      Build, Deploy, and Manage BIOS policies with Dell Command Configure and PowerShell Provider.

      • Configure 170+ BIOS settings with an easy-to-use GUI
      • Secure baseline BIOS template for faster and easier endpoint protection
      • Scripting option for remote configuration in both pre-OS and post-OS environments
    • IT administrator from the endpoint management team.

      Hardware Reporting

      Get the hardware heath status of your Dell fleet with Dell Command Monitor.

      • Collect fleet inventory remotely
      • Report hardware information, such as battery life and hard drive state
      • Retrieve warranty status easily
    • IT professional enabling endpoint configuration services.

      Update Management

      Manage and automate system updates with Dell Command Update.

      • Identify, locate and install the latest BIOS, firmware, drivers and applications effortlessly
      • Orchestrate updates remotely via command line
      • Includes automatic prerequisite checks prior to installation
    • IT manager working from home on system management software

      Custom Device Updates

      Build and manage custom update libraries for your environment - right from a cloud console. 

      • Collaborate and share custom catalogs across teams
      • Automatically create catalogs and deploy updates
      • Store and retrieve catalogs for up to 2 years
    • Remote employee requires system management assistance.

      Out-Of-Band Management

      Remotely manage vPro-enabled devices even when the device is inaccessible or powered off.

      • Unique integration with Intel® vPro™ Out of Band for simplified provisioning
      • Enables remote capabilities such as KVM connect and hard drive wipe
    • Endpoint system management tool shown on computer screen.

      Workspace ONE Integration

      Dell Client Command Suite integration with Workspace ONE provides a streamlined and secure management solution for Dell systems.

      • Integrate Command Suite tools directly into the Workspace ONE console for ease of use
      • Over-the-air management of OS, BIOS and applications with fewer steps
    • Business professional working from home with IT Management Software

      Microsoft Tools Integration

      Dell Client Command Suite seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Configuration Manager for customized management of Dell systems.

      • Console extensions for key Command tools and features
      • Native support for BIOS, driver and firmware patches
      • Integrated driver catalogs and imaging tools for simplified system deployment
      • Script Library for easier and faster BIOS policy deployment

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