• General Tasks for Block Hosts


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    General Tasks for Block Hosts

    Modify Host LUN IDs

    You can now specify the Host LUN ID when you create or modify a LUN. If a Host LUN ID was not specified for the LUN at the time it was created, the system automatically assigns a Host LUN ID. You can change the system-assigned Host IDs of the LUNs so that you can achieve the same mapping view of LUNs for each host in a cluster. It also enables you to configure a bootable LUN that will allow a host to boot from the Storage Area Network (SAN).
    1. Under Access, select Hosts.
    2. Select the relevant host, and then select the Edit icon.
    3. On the Host Properties screen, select the LUNs tab.
    4. Select Modify Host LUN IDs.
    5. On the Modify Host LUN IDs screen, under LUN ID, set the relevant numeric value.
      To configure a bootable LUN, set the value for the relevant LUN to 0.
    6. Click OK.