• Troubleshooting upgrade issues


    Troubleshooting upgrade issues

    Unable to upload the upgrade file

    • Ensure that the upgrade file name is correct.
      The upgrade file name must match the name of the upgrade file listed on Online Support. If you tried to download the file more than once, it may have a [1] suffix in the file name. This may lead to the system recognizing it as an invalid file.
    • Log on to Unisphere in a different Web browser and try uploading the file again.
    • If this does not work, try restarting the Unisphere software by doing the following:
      • In Unisphere, go to System > Service. Under Storage System, select Restart Management Software.

    Verify that the upgrade file is not corrupted

    You can verify the upgrade file using the checksum available with each upgrade file on the support website. To verify that the downloaded upgrade file is not corrupt:
    1. Note the checksum value for the upgrade file from the support website.
      Note:  The checksum value appears when you click the Checksum link that appears with each downloadable upgrade file listed on the Downloads page of the support website for the system.
    2. On the system where the upgrade file is downloaded, do one of the following:
      • On a Linux-based system, run the command: sha256sum <downloaded upgrade file name> .
      • On a Windows-based system, use one of the open source or freeware applications to calculate the checksum value.
    3. Compare the checksum value generated for the upgrade file with the one you noted in Step 1.
      Matching values indicate the upgrade file is intact and not corrupt.

    Upgrade failed. What next?

    • Review Common issues that can interrupt an upgrade.
    • For upgrades that failed to start—A corrupted upgrade image may have caused this problem. Download a new image from Online Support and run the upgrade again.
    • If your upgrade fails with a health check error, follow the link to consult the documentation as well as check the logs to get further details on the failure. If the upgrade fails with a warning, it is advised that you resolve the problem, but you may continue by clicking Retry.
    • For upgrades that terminated unexpectedly—Select the Settings icon, and then select Software and Licenses > Software Updates and review information about the upgrade candidate. Try running the upgrade again.
    • For upgrades that failed—The Software Updates page lists the errors the system encountered during the update. Select the Settings icon, and then select Software and Licenses > Software Updates and review information about the upgrade candidate. Try running the upgrade again.
    • If you recently added new hardware, new disks and other similar hardware components, they may be on an incompatible image or you may not have configured them yet. New ports must be committed before they can be used, for example. Plan downtime and restart the entire system. When the system starts up, during the power-on self test, it will check for new firmware images and update all or any parts to latest images as required, self-healing the box. Once this is complete, try running the upgrade again.
    • Before contacting support, access the Unisphere Online Help (click the Help icon in the top-right corner of the Unisphere screen) or the knowledgebase in the Online Support website for more information on steps you can take to fix the issue.
      If none of the options above help resolve the issue, do not apply in your scenario, or if you are not sure about the issue causing the failure, go to Support > Contact Us > Chat to chat with support personnel. If this option is not available, contact your service provider.