• Client Installation Services

    • Liberate yourself from time-consuming PC installations

      While you are adjusting to more flexible workplace alternatives, we have made some enhancements to the Client Installation Service by tailoring our services to meeting this growing IT demand. We are offering the option for remote installation and transfer of data, settings and software.  Remote and onsite client installation services are practical solutions for IT departments trying to enable their workforce to be productive everywhere.  

      Keeping our customers, team members, partners and communities safe is our priority. Rest assured, we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep your environment safe and our installers fully prepared to be onsite, whether that’s at a home or in an office. Sub-contractors who perform the service are now required to follow local COVID guidelines. So let us handle the tedious tasks such as installation, data migration, software set-up and connecting to your network while you remain focused on serving your customers. We provide a comprehensive installation service for PCs and devices like printers, TVs, and wireless networks.

    • Key Benefits

      • Remote installation option for data, settings and software
      • Minimize disruption to daily operations
      • Flexible scheduling for the day and time you prefer
      • Scale your service engagement to your needs by adding only the specific tasks you require