Dell DR4000 Disk Backup Appliance

Intel® Xeon™
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Streamline backup and recovery operations.

Optimize your backup while reducing reliance on tape with the Dell™ DR4000 solution featuring built-in deduplication and replication technology.

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Dell DR4000

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Streamlined, cost-effective backup
Streamlined, cost-effective backup
The Dell DR4000 is a fast, disk-based backup, data protection and recovery solution that securely stores critical data while reducing storage footprint. A new feature — DR Rapid Data Access — adds tighter integration with backup software applications, starting with Symantec OpenStorage-enabled backup applications.
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Advanced data protection
The DR4000 has built-in data-protection safeguards in both hardware and software to verify backup integrity. It is designed to ensure data protection in case of power loss and proactively detect corruption due to faulty hardware.
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Disaster recovery with replication and deduplication
The DR4000 offers improved disaster-recovery capability through deduplicated replication. Many-to-one replication capability consolidates multiple remote office backup workloads into a single, easy-to-manage solution, while reducing or eliminating the need for tape backups.
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Simple management
Simple management
The DR4000 data reduction and backup appliance is a turnkey solution designed to drop into any backup workflow environment. Simple to install and manage, the software-agnostic DR4000 supports industry-leading backup software applications, making deployment a breeze.
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Graphical interface
The DR4000 has a graphical interface that provides an overview of the system, including status, hardware and software alerts storage capacity and savings, as well as critical information such as system and software versions.
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