• Environment

    Shrinking our footprint

    • In addition to the work we do with our own facilities, we’re working to build a resilient supply chain that minimizes our negative environmental impact and mitigates risks. We’re committed to conserving resources and to controlling any waste that may result from our operations.

    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

      Climate change is severely affecting our planet. However, managing greenhouse gas emissions is more than just an environmental activity. We work with our suppliers to help them identify energy efficiency improvements (based on their public reports and reduction targets) that benefit both the climate and their bottom lines. We also engage with key logistics partners. We report our emissions to CDP annually and expect our suppliers and logistics carriers to report via CDP Supply Chain Climate Program as well.

      See our Thoughts on Climate Change Policy for more.

    • Managing water risks

      According to the World Economic Forum, water crises pose one of the five greatest global risks for the next 10 years. Water issues can have devastating effects on commerce, communities and the ecosystem. While we don’t use a significant amount of water compared to other manufacturing processes, we recognize that everyone has a role to play in responsible water management. Dell reports to the CDP water program and asks suppliers to do so as well.

      Dell Technologies has introduced innovations such as closed-loop and rainwater collection systems at our own facilities and are working with suppliers to address water risks in local areas. We ask that our supplier facilities in water-stressed regions or with water intensive processes provide water risk mitigation plans to help drive water stewardship.

    • Producer responsibility and takeback

      As a global producer of computer products, a local citizen of the communities we serve, and a steward of the planet we share, Dell has a responsibility to recover used electronics and recycle them properly. By recycling products safely, we protect the health of people and the planet. Dell provides multiple convenient recycling options for customers to safely dispose their end-of-life computer equipment and reduce their environmental footprint.

      When equipment comes back via one of our recycling options, our partners first look to maximize reuse opportunities. This includes data sanitization as well as remanufacturing, refurbishing, repairing or reusing products in whole or components. Those that do not meet the minimimum standards will be responsibly recycled. Our partners then track and document all refurbished and end-of-life electronics.

      All of our recycling partners are contractually committed to following our strict environmental and social standards. Like other suppliers, they are thoroughly onboarded and are subject to regular business reviews of their practices.

    • Responsible sourcing

      Discover how Dell Technologies is a pioneer in sourcing ethnical, conflict-free and sustainable materials.

    • Supplier diversity

      At Dell Technologies we work with diverse and inclusive suppliers that are valued, respected and celebrated.