• Introduction



    About this document

    This document provides information that you can use to understand, plan, and upgrade the Operating Environment software, Disk Firmware, and Language Packs installed on your Unity storage system. It also includes information on some of the common issues that can interrupt the upgrade and associated troubleshooting procedures. For more information about performing a Unity Data-in-Place conversion to upgrade hardware, refer to the Unity Data-in-Place Conversion Guide.

    Types of software updates

    The storage system can have the following types of software updates:

    • Operating Environment (OE) software (also called Unisphere)
    • Disk firmware
    • Language packs

    Note the following:

    • Software updates are available in an encrypted binary file format (.gpg). The encryption ensures that the contents of the file are valid and not corrupted.
    • OE software updates sometimes include system firmware and drive firmware upgrades. Such upgrades may take a bit longer to complete.
    • Language packs are associated to a relevant system OE version.
    • Disk firmware versions do not match the system OE versions, and can be upgraded separately.

    Information on changes and new features in a release

    The Release Notes document includes information on the enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues in a release. When applicable, it also includes information on specific upgrade instructions or considerations for a release.

    Locate the Release Notes

    The Release Notes document is available on the support website. To view a Release Notes document:

    1. Obtain the Unity Operating Environment or software version for the Release Notes.
    2. In Unisphere, select Support > Downloads and Documentation and select Release Notes.
    3. Scroll to the Release Notes document for the version you want.