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    • Managing cloud data protection with Dell Technologies

    • As enterprises consider moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud, one of the biggest concerns is how to manage cloud data protection. Dell Technologies provides hardware, software, solutions and services that can reduce the cost and complexity of cloud data protection, enabling organizations to move to the cloud with confidence. 

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      Protect the business value of your data with industry-leading data protection solutions from Dell.

    • Dell Technologies reduces the cost and complexity of cloud data protection

    • Dell Technologies, a leader in data protection technology, provides cloud-enabled data protection solutions that help customers transform their data centers for greater efficiency, resiliency and scalability throughout their journey to the cloud. Dell provides a complete portfolio of cloud data protection hardware, software, solutions and services to protect the data of companies embarking on digital transformation to the cloud.

      Solutions for cloud data protection enable organizations to:

      • Implement simpler, faster and more cost-efficient disaster and data recovery for on-site locations, cloud locations and virtual environments.
      • Manage long-term retention to the cloud with cost-effective solutions that maximize deduplication to reduce protection storage footprints.
      • Perform in-cloud backup for applications that are born in or were moved to the cloud. Dell helps break down cloud silos by discovering, orchestrating and automating data protection.
      • Streamline hybrid cloud backup to take advantage of low-cost, deduplicated public cloud object storage for all backup copies.
      • Protect virtualized environments like VMware Cloud on AWS with cloud data protection solutions that let organizations move production workloads to the public cloud with confidence.

    • Cloud data protection products

    • The Dell suite of cloud data protection technologies include:

      • Data PowerProtect DD series appliances, a highly scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliance that enables organizations to complete more backups in less time while reducing the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect data.
      • PowerProtect DP series appliances – the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offering complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.
      • PowerProtect Data Manager, a next generation software platform to protect data and deliver governance control for modern cloud workloads across evolving physical, virtual and cloud environments.
      • Data Protection Suite, built on proven software solutions, this software suite provides comprehensive, simple and flexible data protection.
      • Cloud Tier, a best-of-breed technology that natively tiers data to public, private or hybrid clouds for long-term retention.
      • Cloud Disaster Recovery, providing simple, secure and economical disaster recovery to public cloud environments.
      • PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager, a SaaS solution for protecting workloads in public cloud environments without requiring installation or infrastructure.

    • Why choose Dell for cloud data protection?

    • Organizations of every size turn to solutions to effectively and cost-efficiently solve the challenges of cloud data protection. These challenges include:

      • Long data backups. One of the challenges of cloud data protection is the amount of time and WAN bandwidth it takes to back up data from on-premises storage to cloud locations. Long backup windows can have a negative impact on application performance and employee productivity, while high WAN bandwidth utilization can significantly increase the cost of data protection. Solutions help to significantly accelerate backups, accomplishing in just minutes what it otherwise would take hours to perform.
      • Complex data protection environments. Protecting data in the cloud today is more complex than ever, as data may be geographically dispersed over multiple data centers in public, private and hybrid cloud environments as well as on-premises locations. Solutions simplify cloud data protection with a single solution that can manage data no matter where it resides, with easy-to-use tools that drastically streamline tasks and reduce the administrative burden on IT teams.
      • Stringent compliance requirements. Organizations often find that cloud data protection presents a number of compliance challenges, as control of and access to data stores is necessarily more limited. Dell simplifies compliance with policy-driven backup management that makes it easier to manage and demonstrate compliance.
      • Increasing costs. As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, the cost of cloud data protection can spiral out of control as well. Solutions use advanced deduplication technology to minimize protection storage footprints and reduce costs. Streamlined management and faster backups also help to drive down the cost of cloud data protection.

    • Cloud data protection use cases

    • Cloud data protection solutions can provide value in a wide variety of use cases, including:

      • Backup to cloud. This form of cloud data protection is designed to back up on-premises data to public cloud object storage and may include short-term backups for operational recovery or long-term backups for compliance.
      • Long-term retention backup to cloud. In this use case, data from on-premises infrastructure is backed up using public cloud object storage to satisfy long-term retention compliance requirements.
      • Backup in cloud. This use case involves backing up workloads running in public cloud virtual machine instances to cloud storage.
      • Cloud Disaster Recovery. This use case involves leveraging cloud storage to keep data secure and safe from natural, man-made or nefarious threats. Cloud Disaster Recovery enables organizations to recover data and applications directly to the cloud in minutes, with seamless integration to on-premises data protection infrastructure.  

    • FAQs about cloud data protection

    • What is cloud data protection?
      Cloud data protection is a strategy for protecting data that resides in on-premises servers, in off-site data centers or in the cloud by backing it up to cloud storage. Cloud data protection is designed to protect data from loss, corruption, compromise and theft.

      What are the challenges of cloud data protection?
      Without the right solutions, cloud data protection may consume a lot of network bandwidth and be subject to latency. Consequently, costs can soar when large amounts of data need to be backed up to the cloud. Additionally, organizations may lose a certain amount of control over data when it is moved to the equipment and purview of a cloud service provider.

      What are the benefits of cloud data protection over on-premises solutions?
      The efficiencies of cloud data protection may enable organizations to improve data protection strategies without increasing the workload on IT staff. Cloud data protection may also help to reduce costs, to improve scalability and to allow organizations to manage data compliance more easily.

      Does Dell offer cloud data protection for databases?
      Yes. Dell provides leading software for Oracle backup and Microsoft SQL backup, along with backup solutions for IBM, SAP and other business-critical information systems.

      Does Dell offer cloud data protection for virtual environments?
      Yes. Dell makes it easy to move production workloads to the public cloud with solutions for VMware backup and recovery.

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