• Dell Client Configuration Services

    • Receive new systems ready to use out of the box.

      PCs are configured and customized in our factory. Prior to shipping your new systems, we can load your image, customize BIOS settings, partition hard drives and install any third party software or hardware. So your systems arrive at your site pre-configured with minimal to no further customization required. In addition we can apply asset tags, box labels and provide asset reports.

      Note:  For Dell to provide configuration services, we must first ensure your image is exportable in accordance with the U.S. Export law. Learn More

    • Configuration Services Key Benefits

      • PCs arrive at your site with minimal or no further customization needed
      • Ensures consistency as new systems have same version of same software
      • Eliminates the need to image and configure PCs at a staging area or desk-side
      • Track PCs from our factory to the end-user’s desk without ever opening the box


      Learn more about Dell Configuration Services

    • Configuration Services

      Reduce deployment time and ensure the consistency of your end-user environment with standard configurations.

    • Connected Configuration

      Configuration management from one central location for all PCs simplifies version control and enables real-time change control.

    • Image Assist

      Effortlessly create, deploy, and update cross-platform images faster than ever.

    • Asset Tagging and Reporting

      With our Asset Tagging and Reporting services, we make identifying, tracking, and securing your computers easier.

    • Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE

      What used to take hours can now be done in minutes. Get a low touch deployment with instant end-user productivity.

    • Provisioning for Windows Autopilot

      Accelerate adoption of Windows 10 and Unified Endpoint Management

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    • Depending upon the type of license provided and policy configuration, unauthorized non-business application may be automatically pushed from the cloud on first boot. These applications may appear as Start Menu tiles and could include such packages as Candy Crush, Solitaire, Bubble Witch, etc.