• Dell EMC VxFlex Ready Nodes

    Skalowalne procesory Intel® Xeon®
    • Built for modern storage demands

      Dell EMC VxFlex Ready Nodes bring together next-generation, rack-optimized Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers with Dell EMC VxFlex OS software in scalable, reliable, and easy-to-deploy building blocks. VxFlex Ready Nodes is ideal for HCI or server SAN architecture, heterogeneous virtualized environments, and high-performance databases.

    • Read the overview to learn why VxFlex Ready Nodes is built for modern storage demands.

    • Dell EMC VxFlex Ready Nodes

      Dell EMC VxFlex Ready Nodes converge storage and compute resources, aggregating capacity and performance with simplified management, capable of starting small and scaling in discrete increments.

      • Handle up to 1.8X more database orders per minute1
      • Run the business 87% faster with Ready Nodes 2
      • Achieve up to 50% lower cost compared to traditional SAN 3
    • VxFlex Ready Nodes offers flexibility in deployment options

      • HCI/single-layer architecture: A hyperconverged infrastructure model, where compute and storage reside within the same server, creates a single-layer architecture and offers TCO savings while allowing you to modernize your data center with greater efficiency.

        Two-layer model: A traditional two-layer model provides efficient parallelism and no single points of failure. Additionally, storage and compute nodes remain separate operationally, giving teams the flexibility to manage each infrastructure independently.

        Either option fits within your existing infrastructure and provides massive scalability with linear performance gains and enterprise‑grade, no‑compromise resilience.

      • Quick and easy deployment: Delivered with the complex configuration steps completed and tested in a known good configuration for simple deployment.

      • Enterprise‑grade resilience:  Designed for extensive fault tolerance and availability, the solution effectively handles failures of media, connectivity, nodes, software interruptions and more.

      • Scalable performance:  Unlike most traditional storage systems, as the number of storage devices grows, so does throughput and IOPS. The scalability of performance is linear with regard to the growth of the deployment.

    • Awards & Reviews

      Dell EMC: Market Leader

      IT Brand Pulse 2019 Storage Brand Leader Awards: Servers For Software Defined Storage

      IT Brand Pulse 2019 Market Leader: Servers For Software Defined Storage - Dell EMC
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    • 1,2Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell EMC, “Support more database users while minimizing datacenter sprawl,’ August 2017, comparing Dell EMC software-defined storage solution with 8-node configurations to a similarly configured flash storage-based HPE solution of DL360s server nodes and 3PAR 8450 storage using the DVD Store 2 database workload benchmark test. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.

      3IDC paper sponsored by Dell EMC “Business Value of VxRack”, June 2016.