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Toque no futuro – Com o Latitude XT2

Profissionais no terreno que requerem um PC tablet fino, leve e conversível com um ecrã ultra-brilhante para uma visualização no exterior.

Este produto está actualmente indisponível. Veja abaixo a nossa recomendação para um sistema semelhante.
Tablet PC Dell Latitude XT2







Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

A Touch of Genius

The XT2 provides an outstanding tablet experience. A high-performance system designed with intuitive input capabilities including a capacitive multitouch screen and pen, the Latitude XT2 can work the way you want. With just a stroke of your fingertips, you can:

  • Scroll through large Web pages
  • Zoom in on graphics, photos or online maps
  • Enlarge e-mails to aid reading
  • Close your screen
  • Collaborate in real time
  • And more

Once you experience multitouch on the XT2, your keyboard and touchpad may get lonely.

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PCs pen

Small Tablet, Big Options

At just an inch thin with an ultra small power supply, the XT2 can comfortably go almost anywhere. It also offers great features and plenty of flexible options.
  • You can work for hours using the optional slim, high-capacity battery slice.
  • You can work comfortably in either notebook PC mode or convert to tablet mode.
    • In tablet mode, you can use the multi-touch screen for exceptional efficiency and fingertip ease or utilise the battery-free pen to write or draw as you would on a piece of paper.
    • In laptop mode, you still have the luxury of touch, but with the comfort of a full-sized keyboard with dual-pointing – track stick and buttons.
  • You can stay connected almost anywhere with the XT2's optional mobile broadband* capabilities.
  • If business takes you outdoors, the XT2 provides an exceptionally bright display option designed for sunlit environments.
  • You can also use optical drives or additional ports with the optional media base.
Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

Simple to Manage

Dell understands that you don't have time to deal with technology that's complex and difficult to manage, so the XT2 is simple to use, cost-effective to own and pre-loaded with the tools you need, including the latest Intel® vPro™ processors for remote management, comprehensive security features and Dell ProSupport* Mobility Services.


  • Intel Small Form Factor (ULV) Montevina Chipset

Placa de vídeo

  • Placa gráfica integrada Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD


  • Monitor LED Premium (amplo ângulo de visão) WXGA (1280 x 800) de 31 cm (12,1")
    Monitor LED para utilização à luz do dia Premium (amplo ângulo de visão) WXGA (1280 x 800) de 31 cm (12,1")

Unidade óptica

  • Ecrã táctil com capacidade multi-toque – Dedo
    Caneta - Digitalizador EM
    Funcionalidade de apagador accionada através do interruptor lateral
    Corrente opcional
    Interacção com o monitor controlada por três diferentes "pontas" substituíveis, para experiências de escrita seleccionáveis pelo utilizador

    Teclado de tamanho integral
    Apontador duplo; cúpulas de borracha com tirantes de nivelamento
    Roda de deslocamento com funcionalidade Enter e Voltar (no monitor/superfície de escrita)


  • Bateria principal de iões de lítio de 4 células 28W/Hr
    Bateria principal de iões de lítio de 6 células 42W/Hr
    Bateria de alta capacidade de iões de lítio com 45W/Hr de 9 células
    45W (Dimensões reduzidas), 65W, 90W, Combo Auto/Ar


  • Leitor Smart Card opcional (através da ranhura Express Card)
    TPM 1.2
    Leitor de impressões digitais opcional
    Dell ControlVault™
    Gestor de segurança Dell ControlPoint

Informações regulamentares

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

Touch the Future

Now this is intuitive. With natural gestures like pinching or tapping you can quickly and easily scroll, pan, rotate, enlarge and reduce content. With multitouch gesturing, the touch screen responds to more than one finger contact. The Latitude XT2 provides this multitouch-gestures functionality. The multi-fingertip movement conveys a command for actions such as:

  • Pinch zoom in and out
  • Two-finger pan/scroll
  • Double-tap to close screen and more

These gestures work in many business applications today, including Outlook®, Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Google Earth™, Acrobat® and others.


Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PCs pen

It's a Tablet. It's a Notebook. It's Both.

The Latitude XT2 Convertible Tablet PC allows you to work comfortably in tablet or laptop PC mode. Use the multitouch screen for fingertip convenience or the comfortable, two-button, battery-free pen to write or draw as you would on a piece of paper. Convert to laptop mode and you've got a full-sized keyboard along with the touch screen.
Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC battery slice

Bright Enough for the Great Outdoors

Prefer to work outside? The XT2 provides an exceptionally bright display option for outdoor viewing.

All This in an Extremely Portable Package

The Latitude XT2 is just an inch thin and its power supply is ultrasmall and light. A slim, high-capacity battery slice option allows you to work for hours without recharging.