Precision T5500 N-Series Tower Workstation with Xeon Processor

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Compact powerhouse

Incredibly powerful and scalable, the T5500 delivers dual-socket workstation performance in a compact, quiet package.

Dell Precision T5500 Workstation







Big Performance, Small Footprint

Big performance, small footprint.

Windows® 7 Professional (32-Bit OS).

Built for environments where space is at a premium, the Dell Precision™ T5500 delivers dual-socket workstation performance in a compact, quiet package.

Incredibly fast and efficient despite its size, the Dell Precision T5500 features dual-socket Inte® Xeon® architecture with Intel® QuickPath technology (in which each processor core features an integrated memory controller and high-speed interconnects), as well as support for up to 72GB* of DDR3 Registered ECC memory.

For even more stunning levels of performance, the optional NVIDIA® Tesla™ C2075 GPU card can be added, creating your own “personal supercomputer” for CUDA-enabled applications.
Incredible Graphics Support

Incredible Graphics Support

Offering two PCIe x16 slots as well as ample power for its range of supported graphics cards, the Dell Precision T5500 works quickly to bring your complex design, animation, imaging or engineering projects to life.

Enjoy peak performance from the latest in workstation-class graphics cards: The T5500 can be equipped with your choice of professional graphics options from ATI® and NVIDIA®.

The T5500 helps ensure superb performance with excellent reliability by providing tested or certified graphics drivers for a wide selection of workstation applications.
Tuned, Tested and Turbo-Charged

Tuned, Tested and Turbo-Charged

Dell partners with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to certify system compatibility, ensuring that the certified workstation applications you load onto the T5500 will run gracefully right out of the box.

Dell's advanced thermal engineering and efficient processor heat sinks help to sustain Turbo Mode even under extended periods of activity.
Efficient Design

Efficient Design

The Dell Precision™ T5500 offers a high level of energy efficiency and conforms to major worldwide energy standards, including ENERGY STAR® and EPEAT* registered configurations.

Due to advanced motherboard and fan design from Dell, the T5500 provides a highly effective and energy-efficient chassis capable of operating quietly even when configured for incredibly demanding tasks.

The Dell Precision T7500 tower workstation features an 88% (80 Plus® Silver Certified), wide-ranging power supplies for environmentally conscientious computing that doesn't sacrifice on performance.


  • Windows® 7 Ultimate (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
    Windows® 7 Professional (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
    Windows Vista® Ultimate (32-Bit or 64-bit)
    Windows Vista® Business (32-Bit or 64-bit)
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® version 6

Placa de vídeo

  • Suporte para 2 placas gráficas PCI Express x16 Gen 2 até 150 watts

    3D topo de gama:
    NVIDIA Quadro® 6000
    NVIDIA Quadro® 5000 

    3D de média gama: 
    ATI FirePro V7900 
    ATI FirePro V5900
    NVIDIA Quadro® 4000
    NVIDIA Quadro® 2000

    3D de entrada de gama:
    ATI FirePro™ V4800
    NVIDIA Quadro 600

    2D Profissional:
    Placa de monitor quádruplo NVIDIA Quadro® NVS 420
    NVIDIA Quadro® NVS 295
    ATI FireMV™ V2260

    GPU (Unidade de processamento de gráficos para computação de alto desempenho) 

    NVIDIA Tesla C2075 - suporta a tecnologia Nvidia Maximus™


  • Up to 192GB* of 1066MHz or 1333MHz ECC memory in 12 DIMM slots

Unidade óptica

  • Tray load:

Placa de som

  • Áudio de alta definição integrado (Especificação Rev 1.0) implementado com uma solução de áudio de dois chips constituída pelo CODEC de áudio de alta definição ADI 1984a e o controlador digital de alta definição AC97 integrado do ICH10.


  • Dimensões (chassis de meia torre):

    (PxAxP) 17,1 cm x 44,8 cm x 47,1 cm (6,73" x 17,64" x 18,54") (máximo, incluindo badge)


    Dois compartimentos para discos rígidos internos de 3,5"
    Dois compartimentos ópticos 5,25" externos, um dos quais pode acomodar um terceiro disco rígido na orientação do desktop
    Um compartimento flexível externo de 3,5" para leitor de cartões de memória ou uma terceira unidade de disco rígido (SATA), na orientação meia torre.


    Todas com comprimento total, com determinadas excepções.
    Duas ranhuras PCI-e x16 ligadas como x8 (meio comprimento)
    Duas ranhuras para gráficos PCI-e x16 Gen 2 até 150 watts cada
    Uma ranhura PCI-X 64 bits/100 MHz com suporte para placas 3.3v ou universais (meio comprimento)
    Uma ranhura PCI 32 bits/33 Mhz 5V (meio comprimento na orientação de desktop)

    Portas standard de E/S:

    (11) USB 2.0 (duas no painel frontal, seis no painel traseiro, três internas na placa de sistema)
    (1) série
    (1) paralela
    (2) PS/2
    (1) RJ-45
    (1) porta ESATA no painel traseiro
    Entrada de linha estereofónica e saída de linha para auscultadores no painel traseiro
    Conector para microfone e auscultadores no painel frontal
    São fornecidas portas IEEE 1394a frontais e traseiras com uma placa 1394 PCI-e opcional

    Flash BIOS:

    memória flash BIOS de 8 MB para BIOS do sistema
    Suporte de SMBIOS 2.5


  • Fonte de alimentação de 875 W com correcção do factor de potência (PFC) e eficiência de 88% (certificação 80 Plus® Silver)

Informações regulamentares

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