Desktop OptiPlex 790

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Securizat. Flexibil. Al dvs.

Beneficiaţi de performanţe avansate într-un design flexibil, cu computerul desktop Dell OptiPlex 790. Cu patru opţiuni de şasiu, acest desktop sigur şi uşor de administrat se integrează fără probleme în practic orice birou.

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Desktopul DT OptiPlex 790


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OptiPlex 790 - Advanced desktop performance
OptiPlex 790 Desktop - Your IT dream machine

Your IT dream machine

Bring easy-to-implement security features, manageability and services to your organization with the Dell OptiPlex 790 desktop computer.

  • Ease deployment across your organization by letting Dell Custom Factory Integration service add the applications, peripherals, asset tags and security labels you need.
  • Get control from virtually anywhere, anytime with remote management solutions to empower IT.
  • Performance enhancing Sandy Bridge processor technology (up to 24% over previous generations)
  • Gain outstanding security with Dell Data Protection, encryption options, a security lock slot and chassis intrusion switch.

Powerful options that unlock user potential

Your organization relies on stable, great-performing desktops to get work done each day. Help productivity soar with the advanced performance and flexible solutions of OptiPlex™ 790 desktops.

  • Get the job done with the high-performing OptiPlex desktop featuring the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family.
  • Choose the graphics options your work demands with dual discrete graphics slots (dual PCIe x16, including one wired x4) for the mini tower, desktop and small form factor versions.
  • Experience powerful multitasking with support for up to four connected displays.
  • Enjoy immediate productivity with support for cloud computing and Dell Flexible Computing solutions.

An efficient design for any workspace

With four sizes to choose from — mini tower, desktop, small form factor and ultrasmall form factor — the OptiPlex™ 790 desktop can blend seamlessly into virtually any office environment and is designed to respect our planet and your budget.

OptiPlex 790
Save valuable desk space by combining the ultrasmall form factor design with an all-in-one stand, which securely mounts OptiPlex™ 790 to the back of a monitor.
OptiPlex 790
Help reduce energy costs with this ENERGY STAR 5.0-compliant desktop, which has a 90 percent efficient power supply option and Dell Energy Smart power management settings.
OptiPlex 790
Help reduce and reuse waste with the EPEAT Gold-registered* OptiPlex™ 790, which features a minimum of 10 percent post-consumer recycled plastic enclosure and small form factor comes in recyclable packaging*.
Dell ProSupport - Designed to address the technology challenges you face today.

Dell ProSupport starts with the Dell ProSupport for IT service model designed for IT professionals such as you. Dell ProSupport for IT provides:
  • 7x24 Direct access to Dell Expert Centers
  • Fast-track dispatch for Dell-certified technicians
  • Escalation management through Dell Global Command Centers

Next, Dell ProSupport Options align to the way you use technology — rapidly responding to your needs, protecting your investment, your productivity and your sensitive data, and providing enhanced proactive support services to help reduce the risk and complexity of managing your infrastructure.


Mission Critical 4-Hour On-site Service*
with 6-hour hardware repair – Priority on-site service to get you back up and running fast

Specialized Onsite Options – Allows you to augment your daily IT management or tap into specific technical expertise for critical projects when needed. Recommended options for notebooks include:
  • On-site Parts Management to help minimize downtime by having parts at your fingertips.
  • On-site Personnel to augment your IT staff.
  • On-site Diagnosis for accelerated troubleshooting.

Asset Management and Protection

  • Accidental Damage Protection* repairs or replaces accidentally damaged systems


Data Management and Protection

  • Keep Your Hard Drive* helps you retain control over sensitive data
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery provides unlimited attempts to recover data from a failed hard drive
  • Certified Data Destruction wipes your hard drive clean and destroys data


Enterprisewide Contract
– Provides enhanced proactive capabilities through:
  • Designated Service Delivery Manager
  • Performance benchmarking and custom reporting
  • Planning and assessments

Proactive Maintenance - Maximizes the availability and stability of your infrastructure proactively. The package includes a detailed system assessment and implementation of driver or firmware updates and upgrades for your server or storage systems.

Remote Advisory Options - Provides telephone and the Internet access to technical expertise for specialized applications and solutions such as Microsoft® Exchange, Virtualization, and more.

Don’t have an IT staff?
Dell ProSupport for End-Users is designed for organizations with limited or no dedicated IT staff. End-users receive 24x7 direct break-fix hardware support plus “how-to” support on popular software applications such as Norton™ AntiVirus, Microsoft® Office®, Microsoft Small Business Server, Intuit® QuickBooks®, Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe Acrobat®. To purchase Dell ProSupport for End Users, please contact your Dell Sales Representative.

Customization and Set-Up 

Deployment Services
Our end-to-end deployment services are designed to simplify and accelerate the customization and utilization of your new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.

Managed Deployment
Dell Managed Deployment Services are for customers who need a complete, end-to-end deployment solution. Managed deployments are useful within complex logistical environments that require a single point of contact.

Hardware Customization (CFI)
Dell offers hardware customization services to help accelerate your system deployments. We can perform a range of services such as custom configuration, consolidation and integration in our factory so that you can deploy your systems right out of the box.

ImageDirect is a web-based, hosted image management service that enables customers to easily create, manage and load custom images for Dell commercial client systems.

Advanced Configuration Services
With Advanced Configuration Services (ACS), you can save time and resources by selecting various settings during the purchase process. You can choose to partition your hard drive, select boot order, change BIOS settings and modify various standard software configuration settings.

Asset Recovery Services 

Asset Recovery Services
Asset Recovery Services offers safe and environmentally appropriate disposal solutions for outdated or end-of-life IT assets. This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price


  • Procesoare Intel® CoreT™ i7, i5, i3 din a doua generaţie

Sistem de operare (Dell recomandă Windows 10 Pro pentru afaceri)

  • Windows® 7 Home Premium pe 32 de biţi
    Windows® 7 Home Premium pe 64 de biţi
    Windows® 7 Professional pe 32 de biţi
    Windows® 7 Professional pe 64 de biţi
    Windows® 7 Ultimate pe 32 de biţi
    Windows® 7 Ultimate pe 64 de biţi
    Ubuntu® Linux® (în anumite ţări)
    FreeDOSTM seria n

Placă video

  • Placă grafică integrată Intel® HD Graphics 2000 [cu placă combo CPU-GPU iCore Dual/Quad core]
    Placă grafică AMD RADEON HD 6450 de 1 GB, opţională
    Placă grafică AMD RADEON HD 6350 de 512 MB, opţională


  • Patru sloturi DIMM pentru memorie SDRAM DDR3 dual-channel non-ECC la 1.333 MHz de până la 16 GB*
    Două sloturi DIMM pentru sistemele USFF, pentru memorie de până la 8 GB
    Memorie SDRAM DDR3 dual-channel non-ECC la 1.333 MHz


  • Garanţie limitată pentru hardware
    Service standard de a doua zi lucrătoare la sediul clientului, după diagnosticare la distanţă*, timp de trei ani (3-3-3)
    Serviciul opţional Dell ProSupportTM pentru IT, timp de trei ani
    Opţiuni de asistenţă şi service timp de patru şi cinci ani*


  • Numai pentru Mini Tower (MT) şi desktop tower (DT)
    Zece porturi USB 2.0 externe şi un port USB 2.0 intern
    Mini Tower (MT)
    Un port serial; un port RJ-45; un port VGA; un port DisplayPort; două porturi PS/2; două linii intrare (stereo/microfon), două linii ieşire (căşti/boxe), port pentru placă PCIe opţională paralelă/a doua placă PCIe opţională serială
    Desktop Tower (DT) şi factor de formă redus (SFF)
    Port pentru a doua placă PCIe opţională serială
    Mini Tower (MT) şi desktop tower (DT)
    Port pentru placă PCI 1394a opţională (disponibilă pentru Mini Tower şi desktop tower începând de la jumătatea lunii mai 2011)
    Port pentru placă PCIe USB 3.0 PCIe opţională
    Numai pentru factor de formă ultraredus, şapte porturi USB 2.0 externe şi un port USB 2.0 intern

Unitate optică

    Cititor de carduri de stocare Dell 19 în 1 (numai pentru Mini Tower şi desktop tower)


  • Standarde de mediu şi de reglementare:

    Standarde de mediu (etichete ecologice):
    Energy Star 5.0, EPEAT GOLD, CECP, TCO 05, WEEE, legea energetică din Japonia, PC ecologic Japonia, eticheta ecologică din Coreea de Sud, reglementarea privind substanţele periculoase din UE, reglementarea privind substanţele periculoase din China, Blue Angel

    Alte opţiuni privind mediul:
    setări Dell Energy Smart; programe de compensare a emisiilor de dioxid de carbon; reciclarea sistemelor (serviciul de recuperare a activelor scoase din folosinţă)

    Conformitatea cu cerinţele de reglementare şi de mediu
    Model de reglementare (Mini Tower): D09M
    Tip de reglementare (Mini Tower): D09M001
    Model de reglementare (desktop): D05D
    Tip de reglementare (desktop): D05D001
    Model de reglementare (factor de formă redus): D03S
    Tip de reglementare (factor de formă redus): D03S001
    Model de reglementare (factor de formă ultraredus): D01U
    Tip de reglementare (factor de formă ultraredus): D01U002

    Foi de date privind siguranţa produselor, compatibilitatea electromagnetică şi protecţia mediului (în limba engleză)
    Pagina de pornire Dell privind conformitatea cu reglementările (în limba engleză)
    Dell şi mediul înconjurător (în limba engleză)
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