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Simple, scalable and affordable fixed-content storage

Policy-based retention, metadata capability, selectable write once read many (WORM) capabilities and an ecosystem of integrated ISV partners

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Dell DX6000G Object Storage Platform





PowerVault DX6000 Direct Attached Storage Series


What is object storage?

Object storage is the intelligent evolution of disk storage - creating, storing and distributing variable-sized data objects and their associated metadata, rather than simply placing blocks of data on tracks and sectors. Each object has its rich metadata inextricably linked to it, enabling long-term preservation while ensuring data remains safe and accessible over time.
Dell DX Object Storage Platform: What is object storage?
Simple architecture
A flat-address-space design removes file-system complexity and the need to manage logical unit numbers (LUNs) and RAID groups.

Automated management, serial ATA- (SATA) and near-line SAS based storage and a modular scaling approach result in low total cost of ownership.

By incorporating metadata into objects, object-based storage enables you to apply preservation, retention and deletion policies — thereby reducing lower management resources — and to facilitate enhanced discovery.

Enhanced scalability
An extremely large number of available addresses means a common storage pool can support literally billions of objects.

Powerful data management

Information is only valuable when it can be accessed, but keeping it readily available can be cumbersome and expensive. With the Dell DX Object Storage Platform, you can streamline data management while easily expanding capacity.

Object-based and metadata-aware disk storage lets you identify and retrieve information quickly; better leverage your data for decision-making; automatically manage that data from creation through deletion; and minimize your dependence on complex and sometimes unreliable tape storage.
Dell DX Object Storage Platform: Powerful data management
  • Policy-based management provides automated, object-level retention and deletion based on metadata, eliminating the human errors, access and preservation problems that increase risk and drive up costs.
  • Self-healing functionality continuously self-manages the integrity of stored objects to detect and repair errors and automatically reconfigures and regenerates objects without the need for IT intervention.
  • Easy interface employs simple HTTP, optional DX6000G for CIFS/NFS and offers a native API SDK integration toolkit.
  • Dell ProConsult™ Services* offer collaborative consultation to help you design a system that fits your specific needs.
Dell is developing integrations with partners in areas such as medical archiving, file, email and SharePoint archiving, as well as eDiscovery, enterprise content management and cloud storage spaces. Information for ISV partners who would like to be a part of this program can be found here.

Scale to billions of objects

You can be confident that DX Object Storage will scale to keep pace with your growth. Ideal for large-scale digital content and long-term data storage, object storage empowers your organisation to add capacity without the setup and management complexity, or the costs of performance storage.
Dell DX Object Storage Platform: Billions and billions
  • Massively expand your system. Add capacity in amounts from 2TB* up to multiple petabytes and billions of objects, without the complexity or limitations of a traditional file system.
  • Scale at your own pace. Flexible, peer-scaling architecture enables a perfect balance between capacity and throughput.
  • Build a digital content cloud. DX Object Storage enables cloud computing across an organization for governance, discovery and business intelligence.
  • Access unstructured data for multiple applications. Foundational storage tier secures data in one place for risk and cost management and enables enhanced discovery and decision-making capabilities.
  • Compression solution (optional). Free up storage space using Dell’s new Ocarina based software featuring data compression.
Dell DX Object Storage Platform: Superb cost management

Superb cost management

DX Object Storage can help cut storage costs versus traditional performance storage methods, allowing you to affordably store and access your digital content without locking yourself into a costly, inflexible strategy.

  • Standards-based x86 hardware
    DX Object Storage is built on Dell’s rack-based server platforms that have been optimized for storage.
  • End-to-end solution
    The fully integrated hardware and software solution comes with available design, implementation and support services.
  • Transparent upgrades
    As storage needs evolve, you can easily add, replace or retire nodes without any manual migration requirements.
  • Power optimization
    Configure power-optimization features, such as drive spin-down, to meet specific use-case and cost priorities.
  • Scaling options
    Storage nodes are available in either 4-drive or 12-drive configurations to meet your initial capacity needs, provide flexible capacity upgrades and achieve your unique performance requirements.

Configuration flexibility

Dell DX Object Storage Platform offers several configurations to meet current and future customer needs:
Dell DX6000
DX6000 Cluster Services Node provides content routing, network and replicator services for the DX solution.
Dell DX6004S
4-drive DX storage node
Dell DX6012S
12-drive DX storage node
NEW! DX6000G
Dell DX6000G
(Optional) DX6000G Cluster File Server provides standard CIFS and NFS file protocol access to the DX solution

Base configurations consist of one (1) DX6000 and two (2) of the same type DX storage nodes. Optional inclusion of a DX6000G Cluster File Server node for CIFS/NFS accessibility.

Dell Services IT Consulting

Dell Services leverages a targeted consulting methodology based on experiences gained through thousands of customer engagements keeping projects on time and on task. Dell can collaboratively help you plan, assess and implement data management projects, and provide the training and knowledge handoff to help ensure your storage system's effectiveness.


Storage Simplification Workshop
Understand the potential
  • Approximately 1/2 day free consultative white boarding session
  • Accelerated diagnosis through unique Measureable Rapid Insight approach to quickly outline the current state and highlight potential high-value activities
  • Identification of storage optimization opportunities to match the right technology with the specific needs of your business
  • Best practice summary and next steps outline
Backup, recovery & archiving assessment
Make informed decisions
  • Comprehensive 35-day engagement that provides an extensive review of your storage infrastructure data
  • Insightful data collection and analysis in context of your business and operational environment
  • Actionable recommendations, with cost models, once assessment has been completed
Lay the path for success
  • Seasoned consultants provide industry best-practice solutions design tailored to your specific data archiving business and technical needs
  • A design is clearly defined at the project onset to help ensure effective and efficient use of resources as well as to solidify the costs and timeline
Capture the value
  • Facilitates a well-planned solution implementation in any storage environment to reduce risk and downtime
  • Includes discovery, analysis, deployment planning and acceptance testing

Data archiving and Dell Services

By leveraging proven experience and methodology, Dell Services can help you identify, design, implement and maintain the right data archiving solution for your environment.

Backup, recovery and archiving assessment

Dell assesses the customer’s data archiving needs and provides actionable recommendations.

Data archiving design

Data archiving solution designs are tailored to meet customer needs with solutions that include DX Object Storage, Symantec™ and CommVault® products.

DX Object Storage solution design

DX Object Storage-specific data archiving design services help ensure successful implementation and deployment in complex environments.

Dell ProSupport

Dell breaks the mold of traditional IT support with Dell™ ProSupport™* — a 100 percent configurable suite of professional support services that can simplify your IT from the desktop to the data center.

With Dell ProSupport you can customize your support services based on who you want supported, how you want them supported, and your preferred speed of response. Customize your support even further for specific needs such as asset and data protection or proactive support.

The Dell ProSupport portfolio can provide:
  • Expertise for specialized applications and technology, such as virtualization, systems management, Microsoft® Exchange and more
  • Proactive problem avoidance services to help ensure you achieve maximum uptime
  • Rapid response to help reduce unplanned downtime
  • Tech-to-tech support with Fast-Track Dispatch for certified IT professionals
  • Laptop tracking and data protection services help enable your mobile workforce while helping to protect your investment
To get started, simply choose the Dell ProSupport for IT service model designed for IT professionals like you, and then take advantage of the Dell ProSupport Options and recommended solutions that align to how you use your technology.
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