VMware NSX

Intel® Xeon™
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The platform for agile network virtualization

Rapidly create a nimble, efficient and extensible software-defined network topology.

VMware NSX


VMware NSX Editions

New NSX offerings enable more customers to match the needs of their specific network virtualization requirements to start on the path to the Software-Defined Data Center.

Standard: For organizations needing agility and automation of the network

Advanced: For organizations needing Standard, plus a fundamentally more secure data center with micro-segmentation

Enterprise: For organizations needing Advanced, plus networking and security across multiple domains

NSX Advanced for Desktop: 100 Pack (CCU)
Speed and simplicity to VDI networking with security policy that dynamically follows end users across infrastructure, devices, and locations.

Legend: I – Included Features, N – Not Available

Agility and automation of the networkStandard, plus a fundamentally more secure data centerAdvanced, plus networking and security across multiple domains
Distributed switching and routingIII
NSX Edge firewallIII
SW L2 bridging to physical environmentIII
Dynamic routing with ECMP (Active-active)III
API-driven automationIII
Integration with vRealize and OpenStackIII
Automation of security policies with vRealizeNII
NSX Edge load balancingNII
Distributed firewallingNII
Integration with Active DirectoryNII
Server activity monitoringNII
Service insertion (3rd party integration)NII
Cross vCenter NSXNNI
Multi-Site NSX optimizationsNNI
Remote GatewayNNI
Integration with HW VTEPsNNI


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Disengage from physical network hardware
As software-defined networking (SDN) for your data center, NSX enables you to utilize your physical network as a pool of network capacity. VMware NSX network virtualization creates a software-defined network topology over your physical network hardware. Just as a VM is a software container using CPU, memory and storage, NSX creates an SDN connecting VMs to switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, virtual private networks and more.

Make your network more nimble
Manual provisioning and management reduces efficiency and limits your ability to deploy and scale rapidly. NSX breaks through current physical network barriers and lets your data center achieve orders of magnitude better agility and economics.

NSX offers a platform to insert other vendor services. Integrated software and hardware partner products can range from network gateway services, application delivery services and network security platforms, to security services.

One call for service and support
With Dell partner support for NSX and other VMware products, you have a single source of contact for 24x7 technical support.