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How to clear a “Replace fuser” message on a Dell 5330dn mono laser printer

If you see a "Replace fuser" message on your printer display, you may need to clear the fuser page count after you replace the fuser so that the message will disappear. The fuser count cannot be cleared from the standard options menu. You'll need to first access your printer's Tech Menu.

To reset the fuser count

  1. Turn on the printer.

  2. Wait for the printer to enter Ready mode.

  3. On the control panel, press the following sequence of keys quickly to enter your printer’s Tech Menu: Menu > Up Arrow > Left Arrow > OK > Right Arrow > Cancel > Menu.
  4. Note: If the Tech Menu doesn't appear, press the key sequence again as quickly as possible. A delay in pressing the keys will stop the menu from opening.

  5. The Tech Menu option should appear. Use the Arrow keys to highlight Tech Menu and press the Check Mark key to select it.

  6. On the Tech Menu, use the arrows keys to highlight the following menu options and then press the Check Mark key to select them: Tech menu > Data setup > Clear fuser count.

  7. Turn off your printer and then turn it back on. When complete, the printer is ready for use and the message should be cleared from the display.

To make sure the fuser count is reset

  1. On the control panel, press Menu.

  2. Use the Arrow keys to highlight Reports and press the Check Mark key.

  3. Use the Arrow keys to highlight Configuration and press the Check Mark key.

  4. A Configuration page should print out and list the fuser count as 0.

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