Dell Latitude E-Series Contactless SmartCard and Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) Enrollment

Dell Latitude E-Series Contactless SmartCard and Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) Enrollment

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Download the Latest Broadcom USH Drivers
  2. Enroll the Contactless SmartCard
  3. Using Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) with the Contactless SmartCard

This article provides information on how to enroll a Contactless SmartCard and configure Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) to use the Contactless SmartCard.

How to Download the Latest Broadcom USH Drivers

The Broadcom Unified Security Hub (USH) drivers are included in the Dell ControlPoint Security Device Driver Pack, these drivers are located in the ControlPoint download category for your computer.

It also includes drivers for:
Broadcom Trusted Platform Module
Atmel Trusted Platform Module
STMicroelectronics Trusted Platform Module
Winbond Trusted Platform Module
O2Micro Smart Card Reader
Dell Smart Card Keyboard
UPEK TouchChip Fingerprint Reader
Authentec Fingerprint Reader
Vista Storage Driver Update (for ATAPI.SYS)

These drivers do not need the Dell ControlPoint System Manager software installed to work.

For more information on how to download and install drivers, refer to Dell Knowledge Base article: How to Use the Drivers and Downloads Website

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Enroll the Contactless SmartCard

  1. Click Start: (in Windows Vista and Windows 7),
    (in Windows XP).

  2. Click All Programs.

  3. Click Dell Control Point.

  4. Click Security Manager.

  5. Click Security Manager listed below Security Manager.

  6. To the right of Contactless SmartCard, click Settings.

  7. On the Welcome to the SmartCard Enrollment Wizard window, click Next.

  8. On the Dell Preboot Authentication Enrollment window, enter the computer's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) password in the box next to Enter System Password:, then click Next.

  9. On the Verify your identity window, enter the Windows password in the box next to Password:, then click Next.

  10. Select Contactless Card, click Next.

  11. On the SmartCard Authentication window, enter the same password in the boxes next to Create Card PIN: and Confirm Card PIN:, then click Next.
    A dialog displays asking you to present your card to the reader (Figure 1), hover the SmartCard over the reader for a few seconds.

    Figure 1: Contactless SmartCard Reader Location

  12. Click Finish.
    When an error occurs during card presentation, click Enroll Again and re-present your card again.

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Using Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA)with the Contactless SmartCard

After turning on the computer or re-starting, the computer's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) will display a prompt to Authenticate Using Smart Card.

E6400 and E6500

  • Present you card to the reader (Figure 2) within 30 seconds

    Figure 2:Contactless Smart Card Reader Location
  • When the card is presented within 30 seconds, the dialog displays requesting for you to Enter your Smart Card PIN.
  • When the card is not presented within 30 seconds, the contactless Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) will time out and a dialog displays requesting the computer's BIOS password.
NOTE: There is no text box for PIN entry, be careful when typing in your PIN to ensure a wrong key is not pressed.


  • The Authenticate Using Smart Card screen remains active indefinitely. When the Smart card is not available, press <ESC> to cancel the smart card authentication and enter the BIOS password.

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