XPS 13 (9343) unwanted keyboard character repeat

XPS 13 (9343) unwanted keyboard character repeat

Follow the steps outlined in this article to resolve an issue with the keyboard on the XPS 13 (9343) repeating characters.

Character repeat.

Some XPS 13 (9343) users have reported that the keyboard can repeat characters unintentionally.

This issue was seen in both Windows and Ubuntu operating systems and was determined not to be a software fault of either operating system.

1. Update the BIOS.

Dell has release a BIOS update that resolves the issue. You can download the updated BIOS from the following link: Dell Support Downloads & drivers. Choose your operating system, then select BIOS from the Category drop-down menu, and download and install the latest available BIOS which appears.

Windows users can download the BIOS update then double-click the download to execute the flash.

Ubuntu users follow the instructions below to BIOS update from the BIOS Boot Menu, independent of operating system:

  1. Copy the downloaded file to a USB flash device. It does not need to be bootable.
  2. Insert the USB flash device into any USB port.
  3. Power on the system.
  4. At the DELL logo screen, press F12 to access the one time boot menu.
  5. Select BIOS Flash Update in the Other Options section.
  6. Click on the ... button to browse the USB flash device to locate the downloaded file.
  7. Select the file and click Ok.
  8. Confirm the Existing System BIOS Information and the BIOS Update Information are as expected.
  9. Click Begin Flash Update.
  10. Reviewing the Warning message and click Yes to proceed with the update.
  11. The system should restart and show a Flash Progress bar on the Dell logo screen as the BIOS update is being performed.
  12. The system will restart once again when the Flash update is complete.

2. If needed, adjust the keyboard delay rate (Ubuntu)

If the repeat issue persists after updating the BIOS, then adjusting the keyboard delay rate in Ubuntu will resolve the issue.

  1. Open System Settings from Dash on the left of the desktop.

  1. Click on the keyboard icon in the Hardware section.

  1. From there you can adjust the keyboard repeat delay and speed from the typing tab. You can also disable the repeat function by un-checking the appropriate check box.

3. If needed, adjust the keyboard delay rate (Windows)

  1. Open Control Panel, Tap/Click Keyboard
  2. In the Keyboard Properties Window, move the repeat rate slower on the slider.

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