Dell Precision 7520 Mobile Workstation Keyboard Guide

Dell Precision 7520 Mobile Workstation Keyboard Guide

The following guide lists the keyboard shortcuts available and the functions they perform on the Dell Precision 7520.

Keyboard Shortcut Key Functions

The below table is a list of combination short-cut key functions available on the Dell Precision 7520.

(Figure 1: Precision 7520 Keyboard)

Note: By Toggling Fn + Esc, "Function Lock" to On, you will not need to use the Fn key to activate the various Function key actions.

Hot Keys Function
Fn+ESC - Fn Lock Allows the user to toggle between locked and unlocked Fn keys.
Fn+F1 - Audio Volume Mute Temporarily mutes/unmutes the audio. The audio level before muting is returned after unmuting.
Fn+F2 – Audio Volume Down/Decrease Decreases the audio volume until minimum/off is reached.
Fn+F3 – Audio Volume Up/Increase Increases the audio volume until maximum is reached.
Fn+F4 – Microphone Mute Silences the on-board microphone so it cannot record audio. There is an LED on the F4 function key that notifies the user of the state of this feature:
  • LED off = microphone capable of recording audio
  • LED on = microphone muted and unable to record audio
Fn+F6—Scroll lock Used as Scroll Lock key.
Fn+F8 – LCD and Projector display Determines video output to LCD and external Video devices when attached and displays present.
Fn+F9 – Search Mimics the Windows key + F keystroke to open Windows Search dialog box.
Fn+F10 – KB Illumination/Backlight Determines the Keyboard Illumination/Backlight brightness level. The hot key cycles through the following brightness states when pressed: Disabled, Dim, Bright. For more detail, see Keyboard Illumination/Backlight section
Fn+F11 – Brightness Decrease Decreases the stepping of LCD brightness for each press until minimum is reached. For details, see the LCD Brightness section.
Fn+F12 – Brightness Increase Increases the stepping of LCD brightness for each press until maximum is reached. For details, see the LCD Brightness section.
Fn+PrintScreen – Radio On/Off Toggles all the radios on and off. For example, WLAN, WWAN, and Bluetooth.
Fn+Insert – Sleep Puts the system into the ACPI S3 State and does not wake the system.
Fn+RightCtrl – Context Menu It is used as Context Menu key. (a.k.a. Right-Click menu)
Fn+Left Cursor—Home It is used as Home key.
Fn+Right Cursor – End It is used as End key.
Fn+B – Pause/Break It is used as Pause/Break key. Specifically, Fn+B = Pause and Fn+Ctrl+B = Break

Note: If you experience problems with your keyboard, please follow the troubleshooting link below:

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