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Alienware Command Center Quick Guide

Alienware Arena Description This article explains what is the Alienware Command Center and how to troubleshoot basic issues

Supported Systems:

All Alienware Systems

Table Of Contents

  1. What is the Alienware Command Center?
  2. Command Center Features Matrix
  3. Troubleshooting

1. What is the Alienware Command Center?

The Alienware Command Center is an exclusive software that integrates in a single user-friendly interface applications designed to control features of your Alienware Computer. It comes pre-installed in your system.

There is a Command Center version for every Alienware system, to download the correct version for your system visit our Drivers Page

Click on each of the apps below to learn more.

AlienFX lets you choose from an array of color and transition effects across multiple distinct zones on the computer.

Video: Alien FX Editor How To guide for your Alienware system (English Only)

AlienFusion gives you access to your Alienware's power management controls so you can decide when you need maximum performance or when you can scale back for more everyday programs, increasing energy efficiency and extending battery life in the case of laptops.

With AlienAdrenaline you will access to:
  • Game Mode: Create profiles for each of your games to change the system lighting, open VoIP programs, launch monitoring programs and many other functions automatically when you launch your game

  • Performance Monitoring: See real time stats of your CPU, Memory, Video Card and wLAN and record them in the background to review your system performance

  • Alienware Graphics Amplifier (Selected Systems Only): On systems supporting the Alienware Graphics Amplifier you will be able to see connection status and also configure the behavior of the system when disconnecting the Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Video: How to Use the Game Mode on AlienAdrenaline (English Only)

Video: Alienware: Video Stress Test (English Only)

AlienTouch allows you to change the Touchpad settings on your Alienware Laptop Computer. Tapping, Sensitivity and Virtual Scrolling are the options available under AlienTouch.

Important: AlienTouch is only available on the following systems:

Alienware 18 Alienware 17 R1 Alienware 14 Alienware M17x (All)
Alienware M18x (All) Alienware M14x (All) Alienware M15x Alienware M11x (All)

AlienTactX allows you to change the settings for the Macro keys*. The TactX window allows to change color schemes for the Macro Keys and set the shortcut options.

Important: AlienTactX is only available on the following systems:

Alienware 17 (All) Alienware 15 (All) Alienware 18 Alienware M18x (All)

Video: Alienware: Macro Keys

Thermal Controls featured in selected Alienware Desktop systems give you access to your Alienware's management thermal system controls so you can monitor thermal status, adjust thermal control of system fans, and change the status of active venting.

Video: How to Use the Manual Mode for the Thermal Controls (English Only)

This feature currently available only in the Alienware Area-51 R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, Aurora R5, R6, R7, Alienware 17 R4 and 15 R3 with the Intel Core i7-6820HK / i7-7820HK processor; it enables you to monitor CPU, DRAM and the Overclocking Profile.

Video: Area 51 R2 Factory Overclocking Settings (English Only)

Aliensense is a face detection program that allows you to log in to your computer through face detection as well as setup other functions such as user switch and lock the system when you are away

Important: Aliensense is only available on the Alienware M17x R1, Alienware M15x and Alienware M11x R1

Click Here for more information on AlienSense

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2. Command Center Features Matrix

System Alien
Aurora R5 / R6 / R7 Y Y Y Y Y
Area 51 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Y Y Y Y Y
ALPHA / Steam Machine Y Y Y
Alienware 17 R4 Y Y Y Y Y
Alienware 17 (R2/R3) Y Y Y Y
Alienware 15 R3 Y Y Y Y Y
Alienware 15 (All) Y Y Y Y
Alienware 13 (All) Y Y Y
X51 (All) Y Y Y
Aurora (R3/R4) Y Y Y Y
Alienware 18 Y Y Y Y Y
Alienware 17 R1 Y Y Y Y Y
Alienware 14 Y Y Y Y
Alienware M17x (R3/R4) Y Y Y
Alienware M18x (All) Y Y Y Y
Alienware M14x (All) Y Y Y
Alienware M11x (R2/R3) Y Y Y
Alienware M17x R2 Y Y Y
Alienware M17x R1 Y Y Y Y
Alienware M15x Y Y Y Y
Alienware M11x R1 Y Y Y Y
Aurora (R1/R2) Y Y
Area51 R1 Y Y

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3. Troubleshooting

The Alienware Command Center may stop behaving as expected after a recent software or hardware change, for example a Windows or Driver update. If this happens it is recommended to:

  • Drain all power from the computer. This process consists on:

    • Turn off the computer
    • Unplug the power cable and battery (for laptops)
    • Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds (the computer is not expected to turn ON)
    • Reconnect the power cable
    • Turn the system on
  • Update the computer BIOS to the latest versionfrom our Drivers Page

  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Alienware Command Center Software as per the instructions on our article How to Remove and Reinstall the Alienware Command Center

    Video: Alienware: Reinstall Alienware Command Center

Dimmed or No Lights

First go to the AlienxFX taskbar icon and make sure these options are checked:

  • Dim Lighting Zones.
  • Keep Status Zones on During Go Dark.

Note: Note: If you choose the "Go Dark" option please be aware that all system lights will go off therefore to enable all lights back again choose the "Go light" option.

In case you have done that already and issue persists, run the AlienFX Tester as shown on the following video:

Video: Test your system lights using the AlienFX Tester (English Only)

If the AlienFX Tester works fine then:

  • Right Click the AlienFX icon in the tray bar, select "Enable inactivity timer" and choose "Never go Inactive".
  • Uninstall the Alienware Command Center from your system as per the instructions on our article How to Remove and Reinstall the Alienware Command Center.
  • For Windows 7 Only:

    • Uninstall the .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5.
    • Restart the computer.
    • Install the .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5. You can get them from here.
  • Download the latest Alienware Command Center from our Drivers Page

  • If issue persists please go to "Control Panel", "Programs and Features" and choose uninstall Command Center, when setup loads, run the "Repair" option. This will solve any software corruption in the AlienFX firmware while installing.

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