Thermal Issues - With AMD Discrete Card Configurations

Thermal Issues - With AMD Discrete Card Configurations

This article has information about heating and thermal issues on Notebooks with AMD Discrete Card configurations.


  • Notebooks are reporting heat related issues 2 years post their manufacture.
  • While playing games or watching online videos the notebook is reported to be too hot to touch.
  • Notebook seems to be running slow.
  • Application crashes or BSOD related to the AMD discrete card.

Root Cause

  • Dust accumulation or missing rubber bumpers occurs after 2yrs due to normal wear and tear. This causes the notebook to heat up as the system is lying flat and vents are closed.
  • Certain high performance and high graphics games cause stress on the AMD discrete card causing the system to overheat while playing these games.
    Note: Inspiron is not designed to perform as a high end gaming machine.
  • If the notebook has too many programs at startup, especially Torrents which peaks up CPU usage it may overheat.
  • Driver related incompatibilities with certain games and applications.
  • Lower revision of Adobe Flash Player /Shockwave Player and Java updates causes incompatibility. The browser files peak up CPU and memory usage causing the overheat situation.


  • Clean the vents periodically using a can of compressed air.
  • If rubber bumpers are missing from bottom base cover, you may review the purchase options at our Spares Dept.
  • Update BIOS to the latest version.
  • Update the AMD discrete card drivers and the Intel Video Card drivers to the latest revision.
  • Check gaming websites for any patches that have been released for the specific game titles.
  • Update Adobe Flash Player /Shockwave Player and Java from respective websites .
  • Run msconfig and disable unnecessary startup applications.
    Note: Disable all torrent applications at startup.
  • For AMD configurations ensure the notebook is charged using a 90W or a 130W Dell AC Adapter.

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