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How to update a driver or a firmware of a Dell PowerEdge from the operating system?

This article explains how to update punctually a driver or a firmware directly from the operating system (OS)

Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: Update, available here.

Note: Punctual updates can be done under Windows (exe files) and Linux (bin files). Under unsupported OS, download the Support Live Image and install the file directly from live image. Check Support Tool above.

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Go to the Dell support site.
  2. Enter the Service Tag or manually select the model.
  3. Access the menu "Drivers and Downloads"
  4. Select the Operating System installed.
  5. Locate and download the needed file (Driver or Firmware).
  6. Launch the fil and follow the installation steps

The file will be installed directly from the operating system.

Step by Step with screenshots:

Example to update the BIOS of a PowerEdge M630:

1. Navigate to the Dell website, select the model and access the nedeed file

2. Download the file

3. Run the file directly from the operating system.

4. A message will be displayed to confirm the file installation. In some cases a reboot is needed.

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