How to input the User in the Dell Laser Printer 1344cn / 1355cn(w) Address Book for Network Scan Set-Up

How to input the User in the Dell Laser Printer 1344cn / 1355cn(w) Address Book for Network Scan Set-Up

1. Inputting the User in the Dell Laser Printer 1355cn or 1355cn(w) Address Book for Network Scan Set-Up

The 1355cnw printer has a feature called the Embedded Web Service (EWS) which allows the user or system administrator to access the printer remotely, using a network connection, to monitor or change printer settings.

To access the EWS, open an Internet Explorer window and enter the IP-address of the printer within the URL address line, press Enter on your keyboard or click the GO symbol in IE.

The Home Page of the printer should display as shown in the following image (Figure 1).

Figure 1: EWS home page of printer

In the left margin area, click the link Address Book.

After the Address Book page opens, click the Server Address tab, and then click the Create button for the ID: Name location desired.

Enter the corresponding information into the Address Book as described below (Figure 2):

Figure 2: Input information in Address Book

  1. ID: This is the number assigned to this given machine. This is one unique way you can determine from the printer's Operator Panel that the scan will be sent to this computer. This field is not editable.
  2. Name: Enter a Name for this address book location. This is also the name the will appear on the printer LCD display. The maximum width name that can be displayed is 12 characters. The example used here is "7 Test".
  3. Server Type: Select the SMB radio button.
  4. Server Address: Enter only the IP-address of the recipient PC where the scan is being sent as found in previous steps.
  5. Share Name: This field will be for the name of the share you gave your folder. In this example, we used the share name "Scans".
  6. Server Path: This field will typically be left blank. What could be put here is any folder directly inside of the share folder you want the scans saved to. For example, if you created a folder called "Bob" inside of the "Scans" folder, you could type in "Bob" in this field and the scans would then be sent here. This is good for multiple users wanting to scan to a central location and only one share folder has to be created.
  7. Server Port Number: By default, the SMB Port Number is 139. If the customer is using a different port number for the SMB protocol, it will only work if it is within the listed range of 5000-65535.
  8. Login Name: Enter the User Name of the user account on the recipient PC or Server where the scan is being sent. Include the domain info if required (\) on your network. For this example we are using the user name "Dell" the active user or a user account we created.
  9. Login Password/Re-enter Pass: Enter the Password of the user account. (select the field and delete before entering or changing the password).
  10. Click Apply New Settings to save the address book entries.

To Test if Set-up has been successful:

  • Place an object in the scanner glass (or in the ADF). On the printer control panel, press the Scan button.
  • Press the down arrow to Scan to Network and press Check.
  • Press Check on Scan To, then check again to select Network (Computer).
  • Choose the destination name you want the scan sent to and press Check. Hit Start to complete the scan.
  • The object should be scanned and sent to the recipient PC or Server folder specified by the Share Name field.
  • Navigate to that folder and open the image using your favorite image viewing or editing software.

For instruction on setting up shared folders please see article:

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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