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How to Backup and Restore Configuration Data on Dell PowerConnect W-IAPs

This article explains how to backup and restore configuration Data on Dell PowerConnect W-IAPs.

Table of Contents

  1. Viewing Current Configuration

  2. Backing up Configuration Data

  3. Restoring Configuration

Viewing Current Configuration

To view the current configuration settings:

  • In the Instant UI, navigate to Maintenance / Configuration / Current Configuration

  • In the CLI, enter the following command at the command prompt:

    (IAP)# show running-config

Backing up Configuration Data

To back up the configuration data:

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance / Configuration.

  2. Click Backup Configuration.

  3. Click Continue to confirm the backup. The instant.cfg containing the IAP configuration data is saved in your local file system.

Use this command to save backup copies of the configuration file to a TFTP server using the IP address

(Instant AP)# copy config tftp filename.cfg

(Instant AP)# copy config tftp filename.cfg

Restoring Configuration

To restore configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance / Configuration.

  2. Click Restore Configuration. Click Browse to browse your local system and select the configuration file.

  3. Click Restore Now.

  4. Click Restore Configuration to confirm restoration. The configuration is restored and the IAP reboots to the load the new configuration.

Use this command to restore the configuration file thru command line from a TFTP server using IP address

(Instant AP)# copy config tftp filename.cfg

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