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DW5620 card connects, but cannot connect to internet

This article provides information on DW5620 WWAN cards achieving limited connectivity on various Dell Laptops

Table of Contents:

  1. WWAN Connects, But Has Limited Connectivity
  2. Solution

1. WWAN Connects, But Has Limited Connectivity

Dell portable users with a DW5620 WWAN card in their laptop or portable system may experience a connectivity issue where the Connection Manager Utility reports that it is connected but the User is unable to reach the internet.

2. Update The WWAN Data Profile

  1. Open the Dell Mobile Broadband Utility (DMBU) (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Dell Mobile Broadband Utility

Dell Mobile Broadband Utility

  1. Select Device Properties on the utility menus then select Update Data Profile as shown above

  2. After it completes the Activation window may open. If it does, select Continue then try connecting using the Connect button on the Dell Mobile Broadband Utility. The system should now be able to connect to the Internet again.

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