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Precautionary Measures for Personal Safety

Precautionary Measures


Before you perform troubleshooting procedures on the hardware in your Dell product, read the following warning for your personal safety and to prevent damage to the hardware from electrostatic discharge.THIS WARNING IS FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY AND THE PROTECTION OF THE EQUIPMENT.

Before you start to work on the equipment, perform the following steps in the sequence listed:

  • Turn off the equipment and any attached peripherals.

  • Disconnect the equipment and any attached peripherals from their AC power sources to reduce the potential for personal injury.

  • Disconnect any telephone or telecommunication lines from the equipment. To help avoid possible damage to the electronic components, wait 5 seconds after turning off the equipment before removing a components or disconnecting peripheral devices.

  • Wear a wrist-grounding strap, and clip it to any unpainted metal surface on the equipment chassis. If a wrist-grounding strap is not available, touch any unpainted metal surface on the back of the equipment chassis to discharge any static charge from your body.

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