Latitude xx50 and touchpad two-finger double-tap in Windows 7

Latitude xx50 and touchpad two-finger double-tap in Windows 7

This article provides the information on "Latitude xx50 and touchpad two-finger double-tap".

Two-finger Tap disabled

A Dell Latitude E7250 user reported that their system was capable of a two-finger double-tap gesture to emulate a right mouse click while running Windows 7x64 factory installation.

The two-finger double-tap gesture worked with the native Windows touch pad driver installed. Once the Dell-ALPS package was installed the two-finger double-tap gesture is no longer available.

Affected Systems:

  • Latitude E7450
  • Latitude E7250/7250
  • Latitude E5250/5250
  • Latitude E5450/5450
  • Latitude E5550/5550
  • Latitude 5404 Rugged

Driver working per design

This issue occurs because the two-finger double-tap was not part of the driver specification for Windows 7 and installing the updated ALPS touchpad driver disables this function.

The two-finger tap/double-tap is only supported by Alps in Windows 8.1 or higher. Additionally, when running Windows 8.1, two-finger double-tap will behave the same as two-finger single tap. This is by design of the Alps driver.

If the two-finger tap/double-tap is a required function in Windows 7, then uninstall the Alps touchpad driver and use the Windows 7 native driver.

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Last Date Modified: 07/09/2018 01:11 PM

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