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Some systems with USB Type-C port lack a Thunderbolt 3 controller

Summary: Latitude 5175, 5179, 5280, 5480 (U/H UMA), 5580 (U/H UMA), 5285 & 5289 portable systems with USB Type-C ports that lack a Thunderbolt 3 controller.

System will not work with a Thunderbolt 3 device.

You may encounter an issue where a Dell Latitude system with a USB Type-C port will not support a connection to a Thunderbolt 3 device (such as a Dell Thunderbolt Dock (TB16). This is a result of either:

  • The system does not meet the hardware requirements for Thunderbolt 3
  • The system has the capability but was not ordered with an OPTIONAL Thunderbolt 3 controller

Non-Thunderbolt systems should utilize USB Type-C capable docks such as the Dell Business Dock (WD15) or Dell USB Type-C dock (D6000)

Ensure that your system is equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 Controller.

While many Dell systems are equipped with a USB Type-C port, many of these systems do not have the optional Thunderbolt 3 controller. These systems will have the USB Type-C port which can be used with Thunderbolt 3 on systems that are so equipped, but USB Type-C is the default port (Without Thunderbolt) for several systems.

Types of USB Type-C ports:

  • Power/Charge Battery
  • Data use only (select systems only)
  • DisplayPort over USB
  • Thunderbolt 3 device support (Optional on many systems, Standard on select systems)

These systems have USB Type-C but DO NOT HAVE Thunderbolt 3 capability:

  • Latitude 5175 2-in-1
  • Latitude 5179 2-in-1
  • Latitude 5280
  • Latitude 5480 (U or H processor and Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) integrated graphics)
  • Latitude 5580 (U or H processor and Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) integrated graphics)
  • Latitude 5285
  • Latitude 5289

Here is an example of a USB Type-C system order SKU: 338-BKXK Intel HD Graphics 620 with Displayport over USB Type-C with Core i5 vPro

These systems are compatible with the Dell USB Type-C Dock (WD15)

Systems that have optional Thunderbolt 3 capability will have a USB/Thunderbolt configuration option listed in the BIOS regardless of having a Thunderbolt 3 option installed.

If the system DOES NOT have Thunderbolt 3 capability, the thunderbolt options will be grayed out and cannot be selected in the BIOS. (See figure 1.)

Figure 1. - No Thunderbolt 3 Capability displayed in BIOS

These systems can be configured at the time of purchase with optional Thunderbolt 3 capability:

NOTE: You must specifically select system configurations with a Thunderbolt 3 port option on these models. Not all cofigurations of these systems will have a Thunderbolt 3 controller. If the Thunderbolt 3 option is not selected at the time of purchase, these systems will only have a USB Type-C port.
  • Latitude 5480 (H series processor with Discrete Graphics)
  • Latitude 5580 (H series processor with Discrete Graphics)
  • Latitude 7280
  • Latitude 7380
  • Latitude 7480
  • Latitude 5570 (H series processor with Discrete Graphics)
  • Latitude 7275
  • Precision 3510
  • Precision 7510
  • Precision 7710
  • Precision 3520
  • XPS 12 9250

Thunderbolt 3 is standard and available as a default option on the following systems:

  • Precision 5510
  • Precision 5520
  • Precision 7520
  • Precision 7720
  • Latitude 7285
  • Latitude 7370
  • XPS 13 9365 2-in-1
  • XPS 13 9350
  • XPS 13 9360
  • XPS 15 9550
  • XPS 15 9560

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