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Dell XPS One 2720 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Troubleshooting

This article offers troubleshooting instructions for the wireless mouse and keyboard on the Dell XPS One 2720 All-In-One computer.
The Logitech Receiver for the wireless mouse and keyboard is an internal component of the XPS One 2720. The mouse and keyboard are pre-paired with the receiver at the factory.

In order to troubleshoot the component, please be aware of the following:
  • The Unifying Receiver is a USB Dongle that is installed under a hidden compartment on the right-bottom corner of the screen.
  • The Unifying Receiver is pre-installed and pre-paired with a mouse and keyboard ordered with the system.
  • When first setting up the system, once you install the batteries in the mouse and keyboard and turn them on, they should work immediately. If you have multiple mouse/keyboard combos, you must use the mouse/keyboard that shipped with the unit or they will need to be paired using the software.
  • If the devices do not work out of the box, check the batteries. The keyboard has a white light in the top right corner that will light up when the keyboard is first turned on. The mouse has a pulsing light on the bottom.
  • The keyboard can be woken up from a sleep state at any time by pressing any key.
  • The mouse will go into deep sleep after 4 hours of non-use. To wake it, you must press the power button on the bottom. It will NOT wake automatically on movement like other mice.
If the devices still do not work please follow the steps below:
  1. Verify again that the mouse and keyboard themselves have working batteries and are turned on.
  2. Check to see whether the dongle is physically installed into the dongle door (Figure 1 & 2).

    XPS One 2720 - Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Dongle
    Figure 1: XPS One 2720 showing the location of the mouse/keyboard dongle.

    XPS One 2720 - Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Dongle Removal
    Figure 2: XPS One 2720 showing the location of the mouse/keyboard dongle.

  3. If the dongle is physically installed, verify the device is set up in the Device Manager. Using touch, swipe from the right to bring up the charms bar.
  4. Touch Settings and then touch PC Info.
  5. Locate and touch System and then touch Device Manager.
  6. In the Device Manager, locate the category Keyboards and touch the triangle at the left to open the category.
  7. If you can locate HID Keyboard Device it means the dongle and dongle port are installed.
  8. Remove and reseat the dongle. If Windows recognizes and installs it, the mouse and keyboard should work correctly.
  9. If the mouse and keyboard still do not work, try plugging the dongle into a different USB Port and repeat steps 3 through 8.
  10. If the mouse and keyboard still do not work, you may need to contact Dell Technical Support.
For further information on your XPS One 2720 please refer to your user guide - accessed here or from your Product Page on the Dell Support Site.

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