OpenManage Essentials

OpenManage Essentials

OpenManage Essentials (OME) is a systems management console that provides simple, basic Dell hardware management and is available as a free download.
The latest release is OME 1.2 and it launched on July 9th, 2013. It brings a lot of great new features to the product:

  • Support for Discovery, Inventory and Geographical View for Dell PowerEdge VRTX devices.
  • Addition of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 as a supported operating system for the management station.
  • Improved Searching capability.
  • Sending warranty expiration notification through email.
  • Display warranty expiration status using the scoreboard icon.
  • Adding support for Dell Compellent, Dell Force10 E-Series and C-Series, Dell PowerConnect 8100 series, Dell PowerVault FS7500, and PowerVault NX3500 devices.
  • Support for installing OpenManage Essentials on a domain controller.
  • Allow creating granular permission control based on device group.
  • Additional reports: Asset Acquisition Information, Asset Maintenance Information, Asset Support Information, and Licfensing Information.
  • Addition of a device group for Citrix XenServers and Dell PowerEdge C servers in the device tree.
  • Availability of storage and controller information in the device inventory for the following client systems: Dell OptiPlex, Dell Latitude, and Dell Precision.
  • CLI support for discovery, inventory, status polling, and removal of devices from the device tree.
  • Provided more sample command line remote tasks for uninstalling OpenManage Server Administrator and applying a server configuration on multiple managed nodes.
  • Support for SUDO users in Linux for system updates and OMSA deploy tasks.
  • Display of a notification icon in the heading banner to indicate the availability of a newer version of OpenManage Essentials.
  • Support for enabling or disabling rebooting after system update for out-of band (iDRAC) system updates.
  • Support for re-running system update and OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) deployment tasks.
  • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) for iDRAC and CMC devices.
  • Ability to log on as a different user.
  • Updated Dell SupportAssist extension for proactive "phone home" hardware issue resolution
  • Multiple defect fixes and performance improvements.

Dell OpenManage Essentials Features:

Simple and effective

  • Modern UI and Faster responsiveness
  • Easy to install & low touch maintenance
  • Simple to use and learn

Basic Hardware Element Management

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