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XPS 8700 connecting mini HDMI connector with the NVidia GTX 650 Ti graphics card

Why am I having difficulty connecting the mini HDMI connector (Part Number PJ99N) to my XPS 8700 system when using an NVidia GTX 650 Ti graphics card?

There is a physical restriction as to what size of mini HDMI connector can be used due to chassis design. See photo below: H shows mini HDMI port on the NVidia GTX 650 Ti graphics card.

Mini HDMI port

As you can see the plastic cable housing around the mini-HDMI connectors are different sizes on the cables shown and specifically part PJ99N is too large.

P/N DDR4T is the smaller one on top of picture. P/N PJ99N the longer cable, with larger connector on the bottom of the picture.

Please therefore only use part number DDR4T on this system as this has a smaller profile and you will have no difficulty connecting this to the graphics card port.

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Last Date Modified: 09/21/2017 04:38 PM

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