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Troubleshooting Print Quality Issues on 1100 / 1110 / 1125 / 1133 / 1135n / 1600n / 1815dn / 2335dn / 2355dn / B1160 / B1160w / B1260dn / B1265dnf / B1265dfw Dell Laser Printers

Print quality issues can be caused by a variety of components in the printer, issues with or thickness of the media used or possible defects in the document you are trying to print

In order to troubleshoot print quality issues on the printers listed above please try the following steps

Note: It is recommended that only Dell Branded Toners are used in Dell Laser Printers as Dell cannot guarantee compatibility or the print quality of any 3rd party toners

Print a Test Page

  1. Print an Internal Report from the printer (detailed below by Printer Model)
  2. Once the report is printed please check if the Print Quality Issue is seen on the internal report page.
  3. If the issue is not present then the issue is with the document or application used to print, check the document for defects.
Model Steps
1100, 1110 In Ready Mode press and hold the "Red X" button for 2 seconds until both LEDs blink slowly, and release
1125 Right Arrow to "Setup" then press the Check mark, Right Arrow to "Maintenance", then press the Check mark, Right Arrow to "System Report" then press the Check mark.
2355dn Press "Setup", Press "Next Button", Press "Down Arrow" to select "Printer Settings", then press the Check mark to print.
2335dn Right Arrow to "Setup" then press the Check mark, Down Arrow to "Reports" then press the Check mark, "Printer Settings" then press the Check mark.
B1160/B1160w Press and Hold the WPS button for 10 seconds to print a system settings report.
1600n, 1815dn Press Right Arrow to "Menu" then press the Check mark, Right Arrow to "Reports" then press the Check mark, Right Arrow to "System Data" then press the Check mark.
1133, 1135n Press "Menu", Right Arrow to "System Setup" OK, Right Arrow to " Reports" OK, Right Arrow to "Configuration" OK, select "Yes" and press OK
B1260dn Press "Info" and release.
B1265dfw(dnf) Press and Hold the WPS for about 15 seconds until the green LED is on, and release.

If the issue is still present, continue troubleshooting the Fuser

Perform a Stop Test on the Fuser

The fuser can be very hot, please ensure you keep your fingers away from the hot roller in the fuser assembly.
  1. Turn the Printer on
  2. Print a Test page (as described in the table above)
  3. When the paper begins exiting (as soon as the leading edge of the page is visible) from the printer turn the printer power off or unplug the printer
  4. Remove the Toner from the printer with the paper still in the fuser rollers and verify if the Ghosting issue appears before or after the page has passed through the fuser roller.
  5. If the issue is only seen after the Fuser then the issue will be with the Fuser Unit.
  6. If the issue is seen before the Fuser please ensure that the media (paper/card) used within the manufacturing guidelines in the User Guide.

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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