Dell Vostro A90 Keyboard Information - KB Article - 346705

Dell Vostro A90 Keyboard Information - KB Article - 346705

Article Summary: Dell Vostro A90 Keyboard Information

Article Summary:This article contains information about the Vostro A90 keyboard and keystroke combinations.

Vostro A90 Keyboard Overview

The Vostro A90 uses a reduced keyboard (Figure 1). The row of F keys and the number pad have been removed from the keyboard.

Figure 1: Vostro A90 Keyboard (Click to open larger image in new window)

Key Combinations

Because certain keys are absent, it is necessary to use combinations of keys to achieve certain functions. The keystroke combinations are shown below (Table 1).

Keystroke CombinationDescription
2 (On Boot)Enter System Setup (BIOS)
0 (On Boot)Enter One-Time Boot Menu
Fn + 1Hibernate Button in ACPI mode
Fn + 2Bluetooth/Wireless Switch
Fn + 3Battery Meter
Fn + 4Mute Sound
Fn + 5Volume Down
Fn + 6Volume Up
Fn + 7Print Screen
Fn + 8CRT/LCD Switch
Fn + 9Brightness Down
Fn + 0Brightness Up
Fn + DeleteInsert
Fn + UpPage Up
Fn + DownPage Down
Fn + LeftHome
Fn + RightEnd
Fn + Q” ' ”
Fn + W” ~ ”
Fn + U” { ”
Fn + I” } ”
Fn + O” [ ”
Fn + P” ] ”
Fn +”-_”” ¦ ”
Fn + ” += ”” \ ”
Fn + AF1
Fn + SF2
Fn + DF3
Fn + FF4
Fn + GF5
Fn + HF6
Fn + JF7
Fn + KF8 (Important for installing XP SP2)
Fn + LF9
Fn + ”:;”F10
Table 1: Key Combinations

For more information, go to the Dell Manuals Page and refer to the manual for this computer.


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