Unable to Import or Clear Foreign Configuration on a PERC 6 Controller

Unable to Import or Clear Foreign Configuration on a PERC 6 Controller

This article provides information about correcting errors when attempting to import a Foreign Configuration.

Table of Contents:

  1. Description of the Issue
  2. Discard Preserved Cache
  3. Perform a RETAG

1. Description of the Issue

Attempting to Import Foreign Configuration results in, "Error Importing X of X, Error Code: Unknown". Attempting to Clear Foreign Configuration results in no error, but the foreign configuration is unchanged.
Note: Preserved Cache exists, usually for a missing Virtual Disk (VD), if any.

Other factors related to the issue (but not always present for every issue):
  • Missing VD – In most cases there are multiple Virtual Disks configured with one or more missing Virtual Disk(s)
  • Foreign View tab in controller BIOS shows NO CONFIGURATION – Even though there is a Foreign Configuration on the drives, the Foreign View tab would not show any configuration
  • Drives in PD Management may be non-present, or shown as with any status (Online, Ready, Failed, Foreign, etc.).

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2. Discard Preserved Cache

  1. Enter the CTRL-R controller BIOS.
  2. Highlight Controller 0.
  3. Press F2.
  4. Highlight Managed Preserved Cache.
  5. Select DISCARD.
Note: Following the above steps results in the loss of Preserved Cache and may cause data loss. Preserved Cache should automatically be written to the applicable disk in the Virtual Disks if the array is functional (not offline). In an offline array, there is currently no method to retain the Preserved Cache when the array is in an offline state due to a foreign configuration.
  1. Check Foreign View tab, after discarding Preserved Cache there is usually a configuration visible.
  2. Attempt to import or clear foreign configuration as per standard troubleshooting (Clear Foreign if array is working, Import Foreign if array is offline).

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3. Perform a RETAG

Note: Performing a RETAG may result in the loss of all data on the array. Caution should be used to ensure no changes in the array are made when performing a RETAG. It is strongly advised to verify you have a complete, current backup of your data before performing the following steps.

RETAG refers to a troubleshooting process in which the Virtual Disk is deleted and recreate using the identical parameters (Drives, Drive Order, Stripe Size, Cache Policies, etc.). After creation do NOT intialize the Virtual Disk. All data should be accessible after a successful RETAG.

In most cases the problem will be completely resolved by using Solution 1 above. In rare cases, additional problems may be encountered which and require more troubleshooting:

  • If Foreign View tab shows a configuration, but Import Foreign still fails, a failing hard drive may be preventing a successful import. Determine if any drives are not detected or showing failed and try the import with that drive removed.
  • If unable to successfully import after following these steps a RETAG may be needed.

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