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Dell XPS 10 Tablet May Experience a Reduction in Throughput When Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Used Simultaneously

Article Summary: This article addresses data behavior when using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the same time on the Dell XPS 10 tablet.

Owners of Dell XPS 10 tablet devices may notice that wireless throughput is reduced when Bluetooth and WIFI are simultaneously enabled.

It was erroneously reported on the Engadget website that the Dell XPS 10 does not support simultaneous Bluetooth and WIFI transmission. While the Dell XPS 10 tablet shares a single antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth, it can still transmit both signals so that it’s experienced as simultaneous. This is achieved through Qualcomm’s adaptive transmission technique (e.g. using time slicing) that manages the signals in a way that enables co-existence.

While simultaneous Bluetooth and WIFI are functional, some users may notice a reduction in transmission speed when both are enabled at the same time. This is a known issue that will be improved via Microsoft Update in the future. 

Article ID: SLN129253

Last Date Modified: 01/29/2013 12:00 AM

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