My Computer Doesn´t Start After Changing the Active Partition Using the Disk Management Tool in Microsoft® Windows® XP. - KB Article - 123824

My Computer Doesn´t Start After Changing the Active Partition Using the Disk Management Tool in Microsoft® Windows® XP. - KB Article - 123824

How to Create an MS-DOS® Boot Diskette

  1. Click on the file name below to download a boot disk creation program:


    The File Download window will appear.

  2. Choose to Save this program to disk if it is not already selected and click on the OK button to continue.
    出现“Save As(另存为)”窗口。

  3. Choose a location for the file and click Save.

注 注: Common locations for internet downloads will be: My Documents, Downloads, or the Desktop.

  1. When the file download is complete, find the file in its new location and double click the file to begin creating a boot disk.

  1. A gray ZIG-ZAG Hard Disk Recovery window will open.单击“Start(开始)”按钮。

  2. A black window will appear, advising you that you will need a blank, formatted diskette.按键盘上的 ENTER键。

  3. Place a diskette into drive A: and press the <Enter> key again.

  4. You will be advised that the disk in Drive A is about to be overwritten.To continue, press the <Y> key on your keyboard, followed by the <Enter> key once more.

  5. When the new boot disk is complete, you will be asked to press the <Enter> key for the last time.This will exit out of the command prompt window as well as the ZIG-ZAG Hard Disk Recovery program.

Manually Change the Active Partition

  1. 将软盘插入软驱。

  2. Start the computer.
    The computer boots to a command prompt.

  3. At the C:\> prompt, type the following text:

  4. 按<Enter>键。
    You are prompted to Enable large disk support.

  5. 单击“Yes(是)”按钮。

  6. Click Set active partition.

  7. Type the number of the partition that you want to make active.

  8. 按<Enter>键。

  9. 按<Esc>键。

  10. Remove the boot disk, and restart your computer.

使用“Recovery Console(故障恢复控制台)”

Refer to the Dell Knowledge Base article below to boot to the recovery console.

“How do I use the Microsoft® Windows® XP Recovery Console?(如何使用Microsoft® Windows® XP恢复控制台?)”

  1. C:\>提示符后面键入以下命令:

  2. 按<Enter>键。

  3. Type the letter of your CD-ROM drive at the C:\> prompt.

  4. 按<Enter>键。

  5. 在 C:\>提示符后面键入以下命令:
    cd i386

  6. Type the following text at the x:\i386\> prompt, where x is the letter of your CD-ROM drive:
    Copy ntldr c:

  7. 按<Enter>键。

  8. Type Exit and press <Enter> to exit the recovery console.

  9. Reboot your system.


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