Digitizer Features on the Dell Latitude ST Tablet

Digitizer Features on the Dell Latitude ST Tablet

Article Summary: This article examines some of the features of the N-trig Applet that controls the digitizer functions of the Dell Latitude ST tablet.

Table of Contents:

  1. Using the Digitizer Options Tab
  2. Using and Maintaining the Electrostatic Pen

The N-trig Tablet Settings applet is used to adjust several settings for the digitizer. Once the N-trig drivers are loaded, an icon appears in the system tray. Hovering over the icon with your pointer displays the firmware version number. Right-clicking the icon brings up the sub menu of Properties and About.

1. Using the Digitizer Options Tab

There are four different input mode settings which are chosen in the digitizer settings.
  • Pen Only -- In this mode, the stylus is the only device that can be used as the input device with the N-trig digitizer. Changing from Pen Only mode to any other mode is done by clicking with an active input device on the N-trig Applet icon in the system tray. When the applet is open, select the desired mode and touch OK.
  • Touch Only -- In Touch Only mode, a single finger is the only input device that can be used with the N-trig digitizer. Using the stylus is not possible. It is important to note that only a single hand contaact is allowed with the digitizer for proper execution. Changing Touch Only mode into any other mode is done by touch ing the N-trig Applet icon in the system tray using a finger and choosing the desired mode. Touch OK to confirm.
  • Auto Mode -- The N-Trig digitizer is capable of detecting a stylus as well as finger touch. The purpose of Auto Mode is to allow the user intuitive toggling between the Pen Only and Touch Only modes. The default input device for Auto Mode is the stylus as long as it is in range of the tablet screen (hovering in proximity or in contact). A basic principle in Auto Mode is that stylus detection in the digitizer proximity would turn the digitizer into Pen Only mode as an overriding priority. A double-tap finger gesture on the screen (similar in style to a mouse double-click) will switch the digitizer from Pen Only mode to Touch Only mode. The system will remain in Touch Only mode as long as the stylus is out of range. Once the stylus is detected in range the system will automatically switch to Pen Only mode.
  • Dual Mode (Windows 7) -- Dual Mode is a unique operational mode that is functional only while using the Windows 7 operating system. In this mode, the OS switches automatically between the available pointing device according to its internal priority and attributes.

Touch Tuning

Touch calibration performs a calibration of the touch input system to its optimal state. If you believe that the tablet's finger detection is not working properly, a recalibration of the touch feature may be in order. To accomplish this, click the Start button and then follow the on-screen prompts.
Do NOT touch the screen while the touch reset is in progress.

2. Using and Maintaining the Electrostatic Pen

Pen Features

  1. Pen Body
  2. Button #2 - Eraser Button
  3. Button #1 - Right-click Button
  4. Pen Tip
  5. Removable cap (to replace battery)

Pen Features in the Digitizer Settings

Bringing up the N-trig Digitizer Settings window will allow you to click on the Pen tab to reach the various features of the pen.
  1. Pen Supported Features -- The two pen buttons can be programmed to perform specific functions. Pen Button #1 is the one farthest down the barrel. Pen Button #2 is the one slightly above the other button. Each button can be programmed to be a right-click on the mouse, to erase what has been written with the pen, or they can be disabled so that clicking on the pen button does nothing.
  2. Pen Battery Status -- In this section, you can see the status of the battery inserted inside the pen. To see the battery status, simply touch the screen with the pen and hold it down.
The Latitude ST tablet will issue a warning when the pen battery is low. To adjust the type of sound warning given, go to the Interaction options tab of the Digitizer Settings window.

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