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What Is the Function of Each of the Buttons on the Remote Control for the Dell 4100 Projector? - KB Article - 173790

Review the Dell 4100 Projector Remote Control Legend

  • Power - This button will either power the projector on or off.

  • Source - Press the Source button to switch between analog RGB, digital RGB, composite, component-i, S-video, analog YPbPr sources, and the card reader (optional accessory).

  • Freeze - Press the Freeze button to temporarily stop motion video. Press the button again to resume.

  • Mute - Press the Mute button to mute or un-mute the projector speaker.

  • PIP - Press the PIP (Picture in Picture) button to turn on/off the PIP screen.

  • PIP Swap - Press the PIP Swap button to swap the foreground and background display sources.

  • Slide Show (enabled only when projection with the photo images from the optional card reader) - Press the Slide Show button to display all the photo images in the memory card one by one.

  • Pre-view (enabled only when projecting photo images from the optional card reader) - Press the Pre-view button to browse thumbnails of all the photo image files.

  • Normal (enabled only when projecting photo images from the optional card reader) - Press the Normal button to display the photo images one by one, manually controlled by Page Up or Page Down button.

  • Rotate (enabled only when projecting photo images from the optional card reader) - Press the Rotate button to rotate the image on the screen.

  • Auto Adjust (re-sync) - Press the Auto Adjust button to synchronize the projector to the input source. Auto Adjust will not operate if the On-Screen Display (OSD) is displayed.

  • Prgm (Program) - Initiates the Learning Mode on the remote control for switching the RF transmission channel by pressing the Prgm button.

  • Directional Keys - Use the up or down buttons to select OSD items, use the left and right button to make adjustments.
    The AV/PC mode button has to be switched to AV position for activating the up, down, left, and right function on the navigator button. In the PC position, these keys emulate PC keyboard commands.

  • Zoom In/Out - Press the button with the magnifying glass that has a + sign in the center to digitally magnify an image up to 32 times on the screen.
    Press the button with the magnifying glass that has a - sign in the center to reduce the zoomed image.

  • Left Click - To perform a left mouse click, press the Left Click button.

  • Right Click - To perform a right mouse click, press the Right Click button.

  • Blank Screen - Press the Blank Screen button to hide the image; press again to resume display of the image.

  • Video Mode - The Dell 4100MP micro-projector has preset configurations that are optimized for displaying data (PC graphics) or video (such as movies and games).
    Press the Video Mode button to toggle between PC mode, Movie mode, Game mode, sRGB, or User mode (for user to set up and save preferred settings).
    Pressing the Video Mode button once will show the current display mode. Pressing the Video Mode button again will switch between modes.

  • AV/PC - Switch AV Mode and PC Mode by shifting the AV/PC button. At PC Mode, the mouse function will be enabled. While at AV Mode, the Volume+/-, and Zoom In/Out buttons on remote mouse pad will be enabled; up, down, left and right directional buttons for OSD control when menu pops up on the screen.

  • Page Up - Press the Page Up button to step to the previous page.

  • Page Down - Press the Page Down button to step to the next page.

  • Menu - Press the Menu button to activate the On Screen Display (OSD). Use the directional keys and Menu button to navigate through the OSD.

  • Volume +/- - Press the Vol+ button to increase the volume, press the Vol- button to reduce the volume (enabled only when AV/PC button switches to A/V mode).

  • Horizontal Keystone - Adjust image distortion caused by horizontal shifting of the projector orientation.

  • Auto Vertical Keystone Correction - Press the button to adjust the image distortion caused by tilting the projection AUTOMATICALLY. (± 16 degrees)

  • Laser - Aim the remote control at the screen, and press and hold the Laser button to activate the laser light.

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