Windows 7 systems with DW5808 WWAN cards may indicate no service

This article provides the information on "Windows 7 systems with DW5808 WWAN cards may indicate no service".

DW5808 WWAN card no service

A Dell system user with 20 systems reported most of a new batch of systems with Windows 7 as the operating system indicated no service from their Verizon service provider.

Change service provider in DW5808 management software

It was determined that the DW5808 card was not correctly associated with the carrier (in this case Verizon).

By opening the DW5808 management software for Windows 7 (Sierra Aircard Watcher) changing the carrier from the original carrier to another carrier (in this case from Verizon to ATT, Sprint Etc.) then changing the carrier back to the correct carrier initiates a firmware update for the card.

This update resolved the issue.

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Sidste ændringsdato: 10/30/2014 03:27 PM

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