Roxio Creator Premier SD/Blu-Ray 10.2 Incompatibile with Windows 7

Roxio Creator Premier SD/Blu-Ray 10.2 Incompatibile with Windows 7

When the Operating System (OS) is upgraded to Windows 7, Roxio Creator Premier SD/Blu-Ray 10.2 will need to be upgraded to version 10.3. The following improvements have been added in 10.3:

  1. The new version has fixed many compatibility issues in the installer and application, and makes changes to adapt to new Windows 7 OS features, including:

    • New file managing methods such as Library and HomeGroup.

    • Added the Pin to Taskbar feature.

    • Upgrade all manifest files to be compatible with Windows 7.

  2. Multi-language User Interface (MUI) support. Now the Roxio Creator Premier SD/Blu-Ray will dynamically select the application interface language according to system setting.

Upgrade Roxio Creator Premier SD/Blu-Ray to the Latest Version

  1. Open Roxio Creator Premier SD/Blu-Ray.

  2. Click Help, then click Check for Updates...

  3. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the update.

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