Using Ghost in DOS for Intel NICs on Latitude E-Series Systems

Using Ghost in DOS for Intel NICs on Latitude E-Series Systems

Table of Contents:

  1. DOS Incompatibility Issue
  2. Solving Incompatibilties

This article addresses an issue that arises in the Latitude E Series line of systems that pertains to the Intel Network driver compatibility with the DOS Version utilized by Symantec Ghost imaging process.

1. DOS Incompatibility Issue

Users have reported that the Intel Network Driver provided by Dell is not compatible with the DOS version being used in their Symantec Ghost imaging process. Users wishing to utilize Symantec Ghost for imaging will require a compatible Intel Network Driver to use with the Latitude E-Series systems, including the Exx20 systems.

Note that the following systems incorporate the Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller, so these will not be included in the scope of the article below as this article addresses E-Series systems that utilize an Intel NIC:

  • Latitude E5400
  • Latitude E5410
  • Latitude E5420
  • Latitude E5420m
  • Latitude 5420
  • Latitude E5500
  • Latitude E5510
  • Latitude E5520
  • Latitude E5520m
  • Latitude 5500

2. Solving Incompatibilities

The new Latitude Exx20 Series has introduced a different Intel NIC (82579) which has caused confusion for Ghost users with PXE/DOS based environments. The latest Network Adapter Drivers for MS-DOS from Intel ( PRODOS.exe Version 16.2 dated 4/8/2011 ) have been reported to work with the Latitude Exx20 systems.

As a workaround to utilize the Dell supplied network driver, users can employ the following process for all E-Series systems with the Intel NIC:

  1. Download the Latitude E6520 Intel Pro 1000 drivers for Windows 7 32-bit from the Dell support site (Intel 825xx Gigabit Platform LAN Network Device - "Intel_825xx-Gigabit-Platform_A00_R291627.exe").
  2. Extract the DOS folder to a temporary folder
  3. Copy the "E1000.DOS" file to your DOS disk
  4. Confirm that the "E1000.DOS" file is version 5.64 and has a date code of 9/23/2010
  5. Note that PC-DOS 7.1 and DRMK 8.0 environments have been confirmed to work with this driver version
The suggested DOS disk configuration is below:
(Note that PROTOCOL.INI is in C:\DOS (USB) or A:\DOS (Floppy))



drivername = e1000$
slot = 0xc8

As a separate issue, users may report that Ghost for DOS is hanging on a Latitude E-Series system right after Netbind, users may then conclude that Netbind is at fault.
In actuality, the Microsoft Mouse Driver version 8.20 has been determined to cause this issue. The Latitude E-Series touchpad does not register as a PS/2 or serial device to the DOS environment during this event and this results in the system hanging within a few seconds.
To resolve this issue, download the mouse driver Version 6.30 from Winbook .
Once downloaded, double click on the "logi630.exe" file and extract all files to a temporary directory such as "C:\mouse". From this directory, copy the "MOUSE.COM" file to your DOS disk. This mouse driver should be compatible with the Latitude E-Series systems.

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