How to Configure SMB Scanning on the S3845cdn Dell Color Laser Printer

How to Configure SMB Scanning on the S3845cdn Dell Color Laser Printer

Setting Up Scan to Network Over SMB

NOTE The printer may ask for a login name and password. By default, the User Name is "admin" and the Password is "admin". If this does not work, the default account information has been changed.

If the Password Field is missing go to Missing Password Field.

  1. Open up a new Internet browser window.
  2. In the top address bar, type the printer’s IP address and press Enter.
    NOTE: The printer’s IP address can be found from the operator panel by going to Device, selecting About, and scroll down to the Network section.
  3. Click on Address Book on the left hand side.

    Image - English ONLY
  4. Click on the Add Contact icon at the top of the screen.

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  5. Click on the Network (SMB) option to create a new scan location.

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  6. Enter the corresponding information into the fields as described below.

    Image - English ONLY
    Nickname: Enter a name for this scan location. This is also the name that will appear on the printer LCD display.
    Type: Indicates whether the network address location will be an IPv4 address, IPv6 address, or the printer’s host name.
    IP Address : Port: Enter the IP address (or host name, if selected) of the destination PC where the scan is being sent. The default SMB port number is 139.
    Share: This field will be for the share name of the folder created as the destination for scans.
    Document Path: This field will typically be left blank. This field is intended to indicate that a folder inside of the Share folder should be accessed for saving the scanned document.
    Login Name: Enter the User Name of the user account on the destination PC or Server. Include the domain info if required (domain-name\user-name).
    Password/Re-enter Password: Enter the password of the user account which was entered in the Login Name field.
  7. Click OK to save the entry
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Missing Password Field

On the left side select System. Then select Security Icon.

Select SSL/TLS

Enable Http-SSL/TLS communication.

The printer will restart and Password field will populate for SMB.

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